Chapter 5.52


5.52.010    License.

5.52.020    Application for license.

5.52.030    Appellate provisions.

5.52.040    Complaint.

5.52.050    Revocation of license.

5.52.060    Appeal of revocation.

5.52.070    Assignment.

5.52.080    Exemptions.

5.52.090    Closing time.

5.52.010 LICENSE.

No person shall establish or maintain any public pool, billiard or bagatelle rooms or public place for playing of pool, billiards or bagatelle, without having the permission and license therefor, as provided in this chapter.

(Prior code § 6340).


(a)    The applicant shall make a written application to the city treasurer for a license.

(b)    The application shall state the particular place and building where the business is to be carried on. The applicant shall file with said application a written recommendation, signed by not less than five electors and taxpayers of the city, situate within three blocks of the particular place where the business is to be carried on, setting forth that the applicant is a person of respectable character and suitable to conduct the place in a quiet and orderly and reputable manner.

(c)    Upon the presentation of such application the city treasurer shall request the chief of police to fully investigate the question of whether the person making such application is a sober, suitable and proper person to conduct the business for which the applicant requests a permit and whether the place described in the application is a proper or suitable place for such business and conforms to the requirements of this chapter. Unless it appears to the satisfaction of the city treasurer that the applicant is a sober, suitable and proper person to conduct such business and that such place conforms to the requirements of this chapter, and such business, the application shall be denied and the city treasurer shall have the power to deny such application.

(Prior code § 6341).


Any rulings under Section 5.52.020 may be appealed pursuant to Chapter 1.16 of this code.

(Prior code § 6342).

5.52.040 COMPLAINT.

Any person to whom a license has been granted, who does not conduct the business authorized by the license, in a quiet, orderly and reputable manner, and who permits any disturbance of the public order or decorum by any noisy, riotous or disorderly conduct on the premises, or permits any lewd, dissolute or intoxicated person to be or remain on said premises, where such business is carried on, or who permits gambling to be carried on, on said premises, or who does not abide by all laws and ordinances now in force or which may hereinafter be enacted regulating places of business of this character, shall forfeit his license, and it shall be the duty of the chief of police to file with the city clerk a complaint against any person whom he has reason to believe is guilty of any of the acts or neglects specified in this chapter. Any such complaint may likewise be made by any elector or other person in the city.

(Prior code § 6343).


Upon the filing of such complaint, the city treasurer shall investigate the complaint in a summary manner after ten days’ notice to the person complained against, and shall have the power for cause to revoke at any time any license granted under the provisions of this chapter. If upon such investigation the city treasurer shall find that the complaint is well founded and that the charges made are true, he shall so declare by resolution and shall by the same resolution revoke the license theretofore granted to said person and the license shall henceforth be without force and effect, and the decision of the city treasurer in regard to the investigation shall be final and in case of such revocation, the city treasurer shall immediately give notice thereof stating the cause to the person whose license has been revoked.

(Prior code § 6344).


Any revocation ordered under Section 5.52.050 may be appealed according to Chapter 1.16 of this code.

(Prior code § 6344.1).

5.52.070 ASSIGNMENT.

A license issued under this chapter shall be good only as it applies to the persons to whom it is issued and for the location specified therein. No license issued under this chapter shall be assigned or transferred except by the permission of the city treasurer; before permission can be granted the would-be assignee must apply for a license in the manner described in this chapter, and the city treasurer shall investigate and pass upon the same according to the rule laid down herein.

(Prior code § 6345).

5.52.080 EXEMPTIONS.

The provisions of this chapter shall not apply to billiard, pool and bagatelle tables maintained in any bona fide hotel, or in any private residence or club room, where for the use of which no consideration is charged.

(Prior code § 6347).

5.52.090 CLOSING TIME.

No owner, manager or other person having charge of any public place kept for the purpose of playing billiards, pool or bagatelle, shall permit any person, other than such owner or manager, and the servants regularly employed in and about the same, to enter or be therein between the hour of two a.m. and the hour of six a.m. of each and every day of the week, including Sunday.

(Ord. 85-76 § 2, 1986: prior code § 6348).