Title 24

Detailed Tables of Contents, Listing Individual Sections, Can Be Found at the Beginning of Each Chapter.

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Part 1:    General Procedures

Part 2:    Historic District Designation

Part 3:    Annexation of Territory

Part 4:    Specific Plan Preparation


Part 1:    Use Permits

Part 2:    Variances

Part 3:    Coastal Permit

Part 4:    Reserved*

Part 5:    Design Permit

Part 6:    Sign Permit

Part 7:    Conditional Fence Permit

Part 8:    Planned Development Permit

Part 9:    Slope Regulations Modifications

Part 10:    Historic Alteration Permit

Part 11:    Historic Demolition Permit

Part 12:    Repealed

Part 13:    Nonresidential Demolition Authorization Permits

Part 14:    Residential Demolition/Conversion Authorization Permits

Part 15:    Relocation Permit

Part 16:    Mobilehomes: Certificate Of Compatibility

Part 17:    Mobilehome Park Conversions

Part 18:    Mobilehomes, Small Coaches and Recreational Vehicles

Part 19:    Repealed

Part 20:    Reconstruction Permit

Part 21:    Watercourse Development Permit

Part 22:    Watercourse Variance

Part 23:    Conditional Driveway Permit

Part 25:    Development Agreements

Zoning    – Table of Contents


Part 1:    Establishment and Designation of Districts

Part 2:    Application of Regulations to Districts Generally

Part 3:    R-S Residential Suburban District

Part 4:    R-1 Single-Family Residence District

Part 5:    R-L Multiple Residence – Low-Density District

Part 6:    R-M Multiple Residence – Medium-Density District

Part 6A:    R-H Multiple Residence – High-Density District

Part 7:    R-T Tourist Residential District

Part 7A:    R-T(A) Subdistrict A – Medium-Density Residential

Part 7B:    R-T(B) Subdistrict B – Motel Residential

Part 7B.1:    R-T(B)/PER – Motel Residential Performance Overlay

Part 7C:    R-T(C) Subdistrict C – Beach Commercial

Part 7C.1:    R-T(C)/PER: Subdistrict C – Beach Commercial/Performance Overlay Zone

Part 7D:    R-T(D) Subdistrict D – Beach Residential

Part 7E:    R-T(E) Subdistrict E – Beach Medium/High Density Residential

Part 8:    C-C Community Commercial District

Part 9:    Repealed

Part 10:    C-T Thoroughfare Commercial

Part 11:    C-N Neighborhood Commercial District

Part 12:    C-B Beach Commercial District

Part 13:    P-A Professional And Administrative Office District

Part 14:    SC-H Small Craft Harbor District

Part 14A:    C-D/R – Coastal Dependent/Related District

Part 15:    Reserved

Part 16:    I-G General Industrial District

Part 16A:    I-G/Per: General Industrial District/Performance Overlay Zone

Part 16B:    IG/Per-2: General Industrial District/Performance District

Part 17:    Repealed

Part 18:    Repealed

Part 18A:    P-K Parks District

Part 18B:    P-F – Public Facilities District

Part 19:    E-A Exclusive Agricultural District

Part 20:    OF-R Ocean Front (Recreational) District

Part 21:    F-P Floodplain District

Part 22:    H-O Historic Overlay District

Part 23:    Repealed

Zoning    – Table of Contents

Part 24:    Central Business District (CBD)

Part 24(A):    CBD Subdistrict E – Lower Pacific Avenue

Part 25:    SP-O Shoreline Protection Overlay District

Part 26:    CZ-O Coastal Zone Overlay District

Part 27:    Mixed Use Overlay District

Part 28:    FP-O Floodplain Overlay District

Part 29:    Repealed

Part 30:    Reserved

Part 31:    CON – Neighborhood Conservation Overlay District

Part 42:    West Cliff Drive Overlay District

Part 43:    Mission Street Urban Design Overlay District

24.12    Community Design

Part 1:    General

Part 2:    General Site Design Standards

Part 3:    Off-Street Parking and Loading Facilities*

Part 4:    Advertising Devices, Signs and Billboards

Part 5:    Historic Preservation

Part 6:    Mobilehomes

Part 7:    Animals

Part 8:    Underground Utilities

Part 9:    Bed-and-Breakfast Inns

Part 10:    Service Station Regulations

Part 11:    Single-Room Occupancy Housing

Part 12:    Alcoholic Beverage Sales

Part 13:    Vehicle Repair in Residential Districts

Part 14:    Commercial Medical and Adult Use Cannabis Regulations

Part 15:    Wireless Telecommunications Facilities

Part 16:    Small Ownership Unit Housing

Part 17:    Emergency Shelters

Part 18:    Residential Short-Term Rentals

24.14    Environmental Resource Management

Part 1:    Conservation Regulations

Part 2:    Performance Standards

Part 3:    Environmental Review Regulations

Part 4:    Floodplain Management

24.15    Green Building Regulations.5

Zoning    – Table of Contents

24.16    Affordable Housing Provisions

Part 1:    Inclusionary Housing Requirements

Part 2:    Accessory Dwelling Units

Part 3:    Density Bonus Provisions for Residential Units

Part 4:    Fee Waivers for Affordable Units

24.18    Nonconforming Uses and Structures

24.20    Zoning Map

24.22    Definitions