Chapter 6.17


6.17.010    Feeding wild rodents and vermin prohibited.

6.17.020    Penalty.

6.17.010 Feeding wild rodents and vermin prohibited.

It is prohibited on any street or sidewalk, or in any other outdoor place open to the public including but not limited to parks and beaches, to feed any wild rodent or vermin, or to place or release food which may be consumed by wild rodents or vermin, without the express written permission of the Director. It is also prohibited for any adult to allow any minor in their care or custody to allow such feeding by the minor. As used in this section, the terms “wild rodent” and “vermin” include rats and mice but do not include domesticated pets that reside indoors on the private premises of the owners. [Ord. 5388 § 7, 2022].

6.17.020 Penalty.

A violation of this chapter shall constitute an infraction. [Ord. 5388 § 7, 2022].