Chapter 6.18


6.18.010    Findings.

6.18.020    Prohibitions.

6.18.030    Enforcement.

6.18.010 Findings.

(A)    American bullfrogs (Rana catesbeiana; also known as Lithobates catesbeianus) are not native to Santa Cruz County.

(B)    American bullfrogs are widely regarded as one of the world’s most harmful invasive species.

(C)    American bullfrogs cause significant and lasting damage to the County’s ecosystems by preying on native wildlife, spreading harmful infectious diseases, and competing with native wildlife for limited food resources.

(D)    Efforts to eradicate or manage feral American bullfrog populations are expensive.

(E)    American bullfrogs delay or prevent the recovery of many of the County’s legally protected endangered species, such as the California red-legged frog and California tiger salamander.

(F)    The presence of American bullfrog populations forms a significant obstacle to amphibian conservation efforts in Santa Cruz County. [Ord. 5118 § 1, 2012].

6.18.020 Prohibitions.

The importation, purchase, sale, or offering to purchase or sell an American bullfrog in the unincorporated area of the County of Santa Cruz is prohibited. This section shall apply to all sales, regardless of whether the seller is a commercial business or a private individual. [Ord. 5388 § 8, 2022; Ord. 5118 § 1, 2012].

6.18.030 Enforcement.

A violation of this chapter shall be considered an infraction punishable in accordance with the provisions of SCCC 6.24.080(A). [Ord. 5388 § 8, 2022; Ord. 5118 § 1, 2012].