Title 12
BUILDING REGULATIONS Amended pending Coastal Commission approvalOrd. 5428


12.01    Building Permit Regulations Amended pending Coastal Commission approvalOrd. 5428

12.02    Residential Permit Allocation System

12.04    Relocation Regulations

12.05    Repealed

12.06    Demolition or Conversion of Residential Structures

12.10    Building Regulations

12.12    Building and Fire Code Appeals Board Procedures

12.14    Repealed

12.16    Street Names and Building Numbers

12.20    Energy Conservation—New Residential Development

12.22    Energy Conservation—Existing Multifamily Buildings

12.24    Wind Energy

12.25    Telecommunications Infrastructure Improvement Ordinance

12.26    Municipal Solar Utility

12.28    Solar Access Protection Repealed pending Coastal Commission approval Ord. 5428

12.30    Accessibility Requirements for Housing Accommodations for the Elderly

12.32    Regulations for Limited-Density Owner-Built Rural Dwellings