Chapter 8.12


8.12.010    Screening specifications – Applicability.

8.12.010 Screening specifications – Applicability.

A. Whenever the storage of supplies, equipment, materials, or merchandise, new or used, including salvage or scrap, shall be located outside an enclosed building, it shall be screened from any public street by a wall or fence, of a suitable design approved by the planning commission. The wall or fence shall be not less than six feet in height, except that if such wall or fence fronts on a public street, the height shall be limited to six feet, and such supplies, equipment, materials, or merchandise shall be stored no higher than the height of the enclosure, except that this condition shall not apply to the storage of lumber in regularly operated lumberyards. All fences shall be painted a color as specified by the planning commission, and must be maintained in good condition.

B. This regulation shall not apply to motor vehicle or automobile sales areas, automobile service stations, fruit and vegetable produce stands, nurseries, patio shops and other businesses normally conducted out-of-doors, but shall apply to lumberyards. (Ord. 243, 1962; prior code § 10-500)