Chapter 8.23


8.23.010    Purpose.

8.23.020    Definitions.

8.23.030    Safe parking license.

8.23.040    Safe parking location(s).

8.23.050    Safe parking operation.

8.23.060    Display of safe parking license and participant rules.

8.23.070    Right of entry of enforcement officer.

8.23.080    Revocation of safe parking license.

8.23.010 Purpose.

The city council declares that a housing emergency exists, and as such, allows for license(s) to be issued for specific location(s) to be used as safe parking, where an established social service provider monitors homeless individuals and families parking and sleeping in vehicles overnight. This chapter addresses operating plans and characteristics for the safe parking locations to minimize negative effect on surrounding neighborhoods. (Ord. 1063 § 1, 2019)

8.23.020 Definitions.

When used in this chapter, the following words shall have the meanings ascribed to them in this section:

“Overnight” shall mean from ten p.m. to six a.m. unless expanded by an issued license.

“Safe parking” means a licensed parking program operated on a property located outside of the public right-of-way and managed by a social service provider that provides individuals and families who sleep in vehicles a safe place to park overnight while working towards a transition to permanent housing.

“Social service provider” means an agency or organization licensed or supervised by any federal, state, or local health/welfare agency, or any organization deemed qualified by the community development director that has demonstrated experience with the homeless population by assisting individuals and families to achieve economic self-sufficiency and self-determination. (Ord. 1063 § 1, 2019)

8.23.030 Safe parking license.

It is unlawful for any person or organization to operate a safe parking program on any property in the city without first having procured a safe parking program license from the city, and paying the license fee and any other fees associated with approval of an application for a license as stated in the fee schedule, and also without complying with any and all applicable provisions of this section. (Ord. 1063 § 1, 2019)

8.23.040 Safe parking location(s).

The city council will issue all initial licenses to designate each safe parking location, where a social service provider monitors homeless individuals and families parking and sleeping in vehicles overnight. The community development department will review safe parking license(s) annually, at a minimum, and make recommendations to the city council for any revocations or modifications to licenses. Upon receipt of each license application, public notices will be sent to all residents and business locations within a three-hundred-foot radius of the proposed application.

At a minimum, safe parking locations must provide: restroom, handwashing station, and trash facilities during the safe parking facility hours. These items are to be screened from public view. (Ord. 1063 § 1, 2019)

8.23.050 Safe parking operation.

The social service provider for each designated safe parking location must provide the community development department with an operating plan that contains, at a minimum:

A. Security information.

B. Staff contact information.

C. Neighborhood outreach efforts.

D. Pet policy.

E. Client intake process.

F. Facility maintenance plan.

G. List the array of services/programs provided.

H. Hours of operation.

I. Participant rules.

J. Site plan, noting location of required facilities and distances to nearest off-site buildings.

The community development department will authorize the participant rules with each applicant. (Ord. 1063 § 1, 2019)

8.23.060 Display of safe parking license and participant rules.

The licensee shall in a prominent location display the participant rules, emergency contact information for the site coordinator, and the license number assigned to that site by the city of Seaside. (Ord. 1063 § 1, 2019)

8.23.070 Right of entry of enforcement officer.

The right of entry for police per SMC 8.22.040 shall also apply for safe parking licensees. (Ord. 1063 § 1, 2019)

8.23.080 Revocation of safe parking license.

The community development director will review safe parking licenses annually, at a minimum. However, if city officials receive substantiated, written complaints from any citizen, code enforcement officer, or police department officer, which include information and/or evidence supporting a conclusion that violation of city ordinances or regulations applicable to the property or operation of the facility has occurred, the license for the safe parking location shall be reviewed and submitted for consideration of revocation to the city council. (Ord. 1063 § 1, 2019)