Chapter 2.60


2.60.005    General provisions.

2.60.010    Vacation of position due to multiple absences.

2.60.005 General provisions.

Citizen boards, commissions and committees are advisory bodies, unless otherwise specified, made up of members appointed by the city council and therefore are defined as a legislative body which must comply with the Ralph M. Brown Act. Additional requirements may be adopted by resolution.

A. Member Requirements.

1. All members are required to be a resident of the city of Solana Beach and at least 18 years old, unless otherwise specified.

2. During the term of appointment, if such person ceases to reside within the city, the appointment of such person shall be deemed to have been terminated.

3. Additional requirements may be added by resolution.

B. Appointment to Boards, Committees and Commissions.

1. Pursuant to this code and Government Code Sections 40605, 54974 and 65100 through 65101, the following procedures shall be employed in filling vacancies on boards, commissions and committees in the city:

a. The city clerk shall prepare a list of all regular and ongoing citizen boards, commissions and committees, which are appointed by the city council, on or before December 31st of each year, as provided for in the Maddy Act.

b. After the expiration of a term, a member may continue to serve until the member’s successor is appointed and qualifies. If vacancies occur otherwise than by expiration of the term, the vacancy shall be filled by appointment to the unexpired term in the same fashion as the original appointment of members.

c. Whenever a vacancy occurs, the city clerk shall post notice. Final appointment shall not be made by the city council for at least 10 days after the posting of notice.

d. Notwithstanding subsection (B)(1)(a) of this subsection, the city council may, if it finds that an emergency exists, fill the unscheduled vacancy immediately. Such emergency appointments shall be made by the majority of the city council. A person appointed to fill the vacancy shall serve only on an acting basis until the final appointment is made pursuant to this section.

e. Members shall notify the city clerk of their declared vacancy pursuant to the provisions of this code or state law. The city clerk shall in turn advise the city council of such notifications.

f. The city council shall provide by resolution any additional procedures necessary for appointments.

g. All appointments shall be made by the approval of the city council as specified under each board, commission and committee.

2. Conditions of Appointment.

a. All members shall take an oath of office administered by the city clerk.

b. All members shall file with the city clerk a statement of economic interest set forth by the Fair Political Practices Commission upon assuming office, leaving office, and on an annual basis to the extent of the Solana Beach conflict of interest code defined for each board, commission and committee.

c. All members shall complete ethics training within 60 days upon assuming office and every two years thereafter as per Government Code Section 53235.

d. Additional terms may be added by resolution.

C. Rules and Regulations.

1. All citizen boards, commissions and committees are declared to be subject to the provisions of the Ralph M. Brown Act contained in the California Government Code or any amendments thereto, adhering to open meetings with public comment.

a. All matters are discussed and acted on in an open forum meeting which includes access to the meeting.

b. All meetings shall allow the public to speak on any agenda item.

c. All agendas shall be posted in accordance with the Brown Act, 72 hours prior to a regular meeting on the city’s physical bulletin board for the official posting.

d. Only items listed on the agenda shall be discussed at the meeting. All new topics identified may be placed on a future agenda.

2. Members may adopt by-laws or other such rules and regulations of procedures for conducting its meetings, including setting the term for chairperson, not to be inconsistent with the provisions of the Ralph M. Brown Act.

3. A majority of the members shall constitute a quorum for the purpose of transacting the business of the commission.

4. Additional rules and regulations may be added by resolution.

D. Officers.

1. A chair shall be elected on an annual basis once annual vacancies have been filled. A vice-chair may be elected to fill in for the chair when needed.

a. The chair will preside at all regular and special meetings of the committee.

b. The chair shall perform other such duties as established by this chapter, as designated by the majority of the commission and as are normally incident to such office.

2. The chairperson shall have the power to administer oaths and affirmations to any person appearing during the course of an investigation or hearing.

3. The chair may serve successive terms.

4. Additional terms may be added by resolution.

E. Staff Support. The city manager shall provide staff support to include the facilitation of meetings, preparation and distribution of the agenda and minutes, for the commission to carry out its duties and powers; provided, however, that the commission shall not give additional direction to staff without the approval by the city manager.

F. Meetings. Members shall establish a standing hour, day of the month and location for its regular meetings. Any meeting scheduled for any time other than the standing date and time shall be considered a special meeting. If the commission decides to change the regular standing date and time of the meetings, it must be done so by majority vote at a meeting and noted in the record.

G. Records.

1. All original notices and agendas of regular and special meetings shall be filed with the city clerk and maintained as a public record.

2. A complete set of all documents reviewed at the meeting as well as incoming and outgoing correspondence of the commission shall be maintained in the office of the staff liaison and become a public record.

H. Compensation. Members of boards, committees, and commissions shall serve without compensation unless otherwise specified. (Ord. 370 § 1, 2008)

2.60.010 Vacation of position due to multiple absences.

All members shall be active participants representing the seat they were appointed to in order for boards, commissions and committees to function effectively and accomplish goals. A member’s attendance is required during the entirety of an agenda item in order to participate in discussion or votes.

A. Absence shall be defined as a failure of a board, commission or committee member to be present during at least two-thirds of the entire meeting.

B. A member who is unable to attend a meeting, with cause, is responsible for notifying the chair or staff liaison at the earliest possible time. Attendance records for each meeting will be submitted to the city clerk.

C. Cause shall include, but not be limited to, illness, family emergency, or schedule conflicts directly related to the businesses and interest of the district.

D. If a member does not attend two consecutive regular meetings, without notice, the position shall be vacated automatically in order that it be filled with a new appointment able to attend all meetings for that term.

E. Any member who is absent from three regular meetings shall be referred to the city manager, based on the city clerk’s attendance records on file, for further review and determination of cause. Termination may be appealed to the city manager.

F. Three unexcused absences within one year is generally grounds for dismissal from the board, commission or committee in order for the position to be refilled. (Ord. 370 § 1, 2008; Ord. 253 § 1, 1998)