Chapter 2.84


2.84.010    Created.

2.84.020    Membership and terms.

2.84.030    Duties.

2.84.040    Powers delegated to the budget and finance commission to be advisory.

2.84.010 Created.

The Solana Beach budget and finance commission is created as an advisory commission to the city council. (Ord. 370 § 2, 2008)

2.84.020 Membership and terms.

A. The budget and finance commission shall consist of five members who shall serve at the pleasure of the city council. In addition to the requirement of residency, as stated in the general provisions in Chapter 2.60 SBMC, the member shall be a property owner within the city of Solana Beach. Members shall be appointed by the city council with each member of the council being entitled to appoint one member. The term of the office shall be two years. Members may be appointed to successive terms. After the expiration of a term, a member may continue to serve until the member’s successor is appointed and qualifies. If vacancies occur otherwise than by expiration of the term, the vacancy shall be filled by appointment to the unexpired term in the same fashion as the original appointment of members. Additional terms may be added by resolution.

B. Ex officio members may be the finance director and others as determined by the city manager. (Ord. 370 § 2, 2008)

2.84.030 Duties.

The budget and finance commission shall have the power, and it shall be the duty of the commission, to make recommendations to the city council and to advise the council and city manager on matters pertaining to the city’s budget and financial issues. The commission shall provide recommendations to the council as detailed by resolution. (Ord. 370 § 2, 2008)

2.84.040 Powers delegated to the budget and finance commission to be advisory.

Nothing in this chapter shall be construed as restricting or curtailing any of the powers of the city council, or as a delegation to the budget and finance commission of any of the authority or discretionary powers vested and imposed by law in the city council. The city council declares that the public interest, convenience and welfare require the appointment of a budget and finance commission to act in a purely advisory capacity to the city council for the purposes enumerated. Any power herein delegated to the commission to adopt rules and regulations shall not be construed as a delegation of legislative authority but purely a delegation of administrative authority. (Ord. 370 § 2, 2008)