Chapter 7.40


7.40.010    Loitering for drug-related activity prohibited.

7.40.010 Loitering for drug-related activity prohibited.

It is unlawful for any person to loiter in or upon any highway, street, alley, sidewalk, access easement, utility easement, or parking lot whether publicly owned or open to the public, or in or upon any public park or open space, or in or upon any other publicly owned property in a manner and under circumstances manifesting the purpose of engaging in any activity related to illegal drugs. For the purposes of this section, activity related to illegal drugs includes, but is not limited to, selling, purchasing, transporting, manufacturing, distributing, or using any illegal drug or drug paraphernalia, or the soliciting or advertising for sale, purchase, transportation, manufacture, distribution or use any illegal drug or drug paraphernalia. (Ord. 187 § 1, 1994)