Chapter 17.76


17.76.010    Purpose and intent.

17.76.020    Initiation.

17.76.030    Application.

17.76.040    Public hearing.

17.76.050    City council action.

17.76.070    Findings.

17.76.010 Purpose and intent.

This chapter establishes the procedures for amending zoning regulations and boundaries. The amendment process is necessary to maintain consistency between this title and the general plan, to comply with state law, and to increase the effectiveness and clarity of this title to implement general plan goals and objectives. (Ord. 185 § 2, 1993)

17.76.020 Initiation.

A. A change in the boundaries of any zone may be initiated by the owner or the authorized agent of the owner of property by filing an application for a zoning amendment as prescribed in this chapter. If the property for which rezoning is proposed is in more than one ownership, all the owners or their authorized agents must join in filing the application.

B. A change in the boundaries of any zone or a change in the regulations may be initiated by the city council. (Ord. 185 § 2, 1993)

17.76.030 Application.

A. Application for amendments shall be filed with the department of community development on a form prescribed by the director.

B. The director of community development may require additional information if necessary to enable the city council to determine whether the change is consistent with the objectives of this title and the city’s adopted general plan.

C. An application initiated by a property owner shall be accompanied by a fee established by the city council.

D. An application for an amendment may be filed concurrently with any other application(s) as deemed appropriate by the director of community development. (Ord. 185 § 2, 1993)

17.76.040 Public hearing.

The city council shall hold a public hearing on each application for a zoning boundary change or for a change in zone regulations. The hearing shall be set and notice given as prescribed in SBMC 17.72.030 (Public Hearing and Notice Requirements). (Ord. 185 § 2, 1993)

17.76.050 City council action.

The city council may approve, approve with modifications, or disapprove the proposed amendment based upon the findings contained in SBMC 17.76.070. Amendments to this title shall be adopted by ordinance. (Ord. 185 § 2, 1993)

17.76.070 Findings.

An amendment to this title may be adopted only if the following findings are made:

A. The proposed amendment is consistent with the general plan.

B. The proposed amendment would not be detrimental to the public interest, health, safety, convenience, or welfare of the city. (Ord. 185 § 2, 1993)