Chapter 3.08


3.08.010    Datum plane established.

3.08.020    Datum monument established.

3.08.030    Official bench mark—Elevation.

3.08.010 Datum plane established.

The official datum plane of the city of South Gate is hereby fixed and established as, and shall hereafter be, the Datum Plane of the United States Geological Survey of the United States of America.

(Ord. 372 § 1, 11-14-38)

3.08.020 Datum monument established.

The official datum monument of the city is fixed and established, and to be hereafter used as such, is hereby declared to be a glass insulator set in the top of a cement concrete monument buried in the ground and covered with a cast iron cover, which cover is marked "CITY OF SOUTH GATE B.M. MON." Said monument is located within said city at a site approximately three feet, measured at right angles, southerly of the southerly line of Southern Avenue extending across San Luis Avenue and approximately seven feet, measured at right angles, westerly of the easterly line of San Luis Avenue.

(Ord. 372 § 2, 11-14-38)

3.08.030 Official bench mark—Elevation.

The top of said glass insulator hereinabove described in Section 3.08.020 is hereby fixed and established as the official bench mark of the city, and the elevation of said official bench mark is hereby fixed and established as being one hundred eleven and two hundred sixty-four thousandths (111.264) feet above the hereinbefore described official datum plane.

(Ord. 372 § 3, 11-14-38)