Chapter 13.14


13.14.010    Rights granted.

13.14.020    Materials used.

13.14.030    Approvals.

13.14.040    Reports.

13.14.050    Payments due.

13.14.060    Nonapplicability.

13.14.010 Rights granted.

The franchisee granted an oil pipeline franchise shall have the right during the life thereof to transport oil, gas, gasoline, petroleum, wet gas, hydrocarbon substances, water, waste water, mud and other liquid substances through the pipelines maintained under the franchise. If the franchisee or assignee qualifies before the Public Utilities Commission of the state of California as a common carrier, the franchisee or assignee shall then have no right to continue to operate hereunder after the date of such qualification except with the consent of the city council, granted upon such additional terms and conditions as the city council may deem proper. Such additional terms and conditions shall be expressed by ordinance.

(Ord. 1349 § 1 (part), 9-12-77)

13.14.020 Materials used.

All pipelines used or to be used for the transportation of oil, gas, gasoline, petroleum, wet gas, hydrocarbon substances or other flammable liquid, shall be first-class and standard material as set forth by current American Petroleum Institute pipeline specifications.

(Ord. 1349 § 1 (part), 9-12-77)

13.14.030 Approvals.

On all pipelines laid pursuant to the franchise, the fire chief shall approve where flush-valve connections shall be placed in the line. The availability of adequate water supplies, the commodity transmitted in the line, and the location of control valves shall be considered when making such determination. Such flush-valve connections shall be installed in the manner prescribed by the fire chief.

(Ord. 1349 § 1 (part), 9-12-77)

13.14.040 Reports.

The franchisee, during the life of the franchise, within sixty days after the expiration of each franchise payment period, shall:

(a)    File with the city clerk two copies of a report verified by the oath of the franchisee or by the oath of a duly authorized representative of the franchisee showing for the immediately preceding franchise period, the length of lines in highways, the nominal internal diameter of such lines, the rate per foot per year and the total amount due the city.

(b)    File with the director of public works a report in triplicate, showing the permit number of each permit obtained for the installation of new mains during the immediately preceding franchise payment period, together with the length and size of said mains. On this report, the franchisee shall show any change in franchise footage since the last franchise payment period, segregating such footage as to new mains laid, old mains removed, old mains abandoned in place, and the footage of mains in territory annexed or incorporated since the last franchise payment period.

(Ord. 1349 § 1 (part), 9-12-77)

13.14.050 Payments due.

Except for pipelines lawfully maintained other than by the authority granted by the franchise, the annual payments shall accrue from the respective dates of installation, whether before or after the effective date of the ordinance granting the franchise, and such payments, together with the initial construction charge, if any, shall be due and payable annually beginning with the expiration of the first franchise payment period selected by the franchisee in accordance with Section 13.06.080.

(Ord. 1349 § 1 (part), 9-12-77)

13.14.060 Nonapplicability.

This section does not apply to public utilities or to mutual water companies, where the franchise is for a purpose involving the furnishing of any service or commodity to the public or any portion thereof.

(Ord. 1349 § 1 (part), 9-12-77)