Chapter 11


8-11.01    Creation of Municipal Solar Utility.

8-11.02    Delegation of authority.

8-11.03    Adoption of rules and regulations.

8-11.04    Fees.

8-11.01 Creation of Municipal Solar Utility.

A Municipal Solar Utility is hereby created for the purposes of satisfying requirements contained in Section 17052.5 or Section 23601 of the Revenue and Taxation Code of the State.

(§ 1, Ord. 583-82 C-M, eff. January 27, 1983)

8-11.02 Delegation of authority.

The Municipal Solar Utility shall be under the direction and control of the City Manager.

(§ 1, Ord. 583-82 C-M, eff. January 27, 1983)

8-11.03 Adoption of rules and regulations.

The City Manager shall present for Council approval rules and regulations governing the activities of the Municipal Solar Utility, including a program whose primary activity will be issuing permits to qualified solar leasing businesses, and establishing permittee and/or consumer protection criteria. Such rules and regulations shall be approved by Council resolution.

(§ 1, Ord. 583-82 C-M, eff. January 27, 1983)

8-11.04 Fees.

Reasonable fees shall be charged for the costs of administering the program referred to in Section 8-11.03 of this chapter and may be established by resolution of the Council.

(§ 1, Ord. 583-82 C-M, eff. January 27, 1983)