Chapter 17.25


17.25.010    Pre-preliminary plan.

17.25.020    Number of copies.

17.25.030    Referral of preliminary plat.

17.25.040    Contents of preliminary plat.

17.25.050    Accompanying material.

17.25.060    Review by the Planning and Zoning Commission.

17.25.070    Review by the Board.

17.25.010 Pre-preliminary plan.

Each subdivider of land may confer with the Zoning Administrator before preparing the preliminary plat in order to become familiar with County regulations affecting the territory in which the proposed subdivision lies. A pre-preliminary plat may be presented at that time. [Ord. 39 § 5(A), 1996. Code 2009 App. B, § 5(A).]

17.25.020 Number of copies.

Whenever the owner of any tract or parcel of land within the unincorporated area of the County wishes to subdivide or plat the same, he shall cause to be prepared a preliminary plat of said subdivision, and shall submit six copies of said preliminary plat and supportive information to the Zoning Administrator for preliminary study and approval. Said plat shall contain such information as required by this chapter or as may be specified by the Zoning Administrator. [Ord. 75, 2002; Ord. 39 § 5(B), 1996. Code 2009 App. B, § 5(B).]

17.25.030 Referral of preliminary plat.

If the Zoning Administrator shall determine that the “preliminary plat” contains sufficient data and elements to furnish a basis for review, then the Zoning Administrator shall refer one copy each to the County Auditor, County Engineer, County Board of Health, the Natural Resources Conservation Service, and to any city within two miles of the subdivision for their comments and recommendations. Each of the aforementioned offices shall examine the plat as to its compliance with the laws and regulations of Black Hawk County and submit their findings to the Zoning Administrator as soon as possible, but within 30 days. [Ord. 75, 2002; Ord. 39 § 5(C), 1996. Code 2009 App. B, § 5(C).]

17.25.040 Contents of preliminary plat.

Preliminary plats shall contain, include, or show the following requirements:

A. Name of subdivision, date, an arrow indicating the northern direction, and the legal description of the property being platted.

B. Plats shall be drawn on sheets not larger than 24 inches by 36 inches. The scale of the plat, preferably one inch equals 100 feet, shall be clearly stated and graphically illustrated by a bar scale on every plat sheet. Larger subdivisions that require more than one sheet shall show match lines and references.

C. Name and address of recorded owner and developer, if different than the owner.

D. Name and address of developer’s engineer or surveyor, as well as the seal and certificate thereof.

E. Existing buildings, railroads, utilities, and other rights-of-way.

F. Location, names and widths of all existing and proposed roads, alleys, streets, and highways in or adjoining the area being subdivided.

G. Location and names of adjoining subdivisions as well as a list of property owners within 500 feet of the property to be subdivided.

H. Proposed lot lines with approximate dimensions and the square foot area of each lot.

I. Areas dedicated for public use, such as schools, parks and playgrounds.

J. Contour lines shown at intervals of two feet.

K. Building setback lines.

L. Boundaries of the proposed subdivision shall be indicated by a heavy black line.

M. Existing and proposed zoning of the proposed subdivision, as well as the existing zoning of the adjoining property or properties.

N. Proposed utility service:

1. Source of water supply.

2. Provision for sewage disposal, stormwater drainage, and flood control, if applicable.

O. A vicinity sketch at a legible scale showing the relationship of the plat to its general surroundings.

P. Lots shall be numbered in a way that is acceptable to the County Auditor’s office.

Q. Present and proposed easements showing widths and purposes of said easements.

R. If applicable, the regulatory flood elevation data; limits of the 100-year floodplain boundaries, original and revised, must be shown.

S. Environmental studies may be required if a proposed subdivision is located in, or near, an “environmentally sensitive area,” as defined in the Black Hawk County zoning ordinance. [Ord. 39 § 5(D), 1996. Code 2009 App. B, § 5(D).]

17.25.050 Accompanying material.

Results of soil percolation tests made by the developer’s engineer shall accompany any plat that cannot feasibly be served by public sewer in the event that the sanitary sewer requirement is changed or modified as provided for in this chapter. Such tests shall be made in accordance with the Black Hawk County Board of Health requirements. [Ord. 75, 2002; Ord. 39 § 5(E), 1996. Code 2009 App. B, § 5(E).]

17.25.060 Review by the Planning and Zoning Commission.

A. Upon receipt of the report of the various offices referred to in BHCC 17.25.030, as soon as possible, but not more than 60 days after initial receipt of the plat by the Zoning Administrator, the Planning and Zoning Commission shall review said plat, consider said reports, negotiate with the subdivider on changes deemed advisable and the kind and extent of improvement to be made, and take action upon the preliminary plat as originally submitted or modified. If a subdivision is not recommended for approval, the Planning and Zoning Commission shall give written reasons therefor.

B. Before approving a preliminary plat, the Planning and Zoning Commission may in its discretion hold a public hearing, notice of which shall be given by publication in a local newspaper at least four, but not more than 20, days before said public hearing.

C. If a public hearing is scheduled, property owners within 500 feet shall be notified of said public hearing. [Ord. 39 § 5(F), 1996. Code 2009 App. B, § 5(F).]

17.25.070 Review by the Board.

A. The Board of Supervisors shall then take action upon the preliminary plat prior to submission of the final plat, certifying its approval or disapproval. In case of disapproval, the Board of Supervisors shall give written reasons therefor. If approved, the preliminary plat shall be certified by resolution.

B. The approval of the preliminary plat by the Board of Supervisors does not constitute acceptance of the subdivision, but shall authorize the developer to proceed with the preparation of the final plat.

C. The approval of a preliminary plat by the Board of Supervisors shall be valid for a period of one year from the date of such approval, except upon application for and approval of an extension of such period of validity, by the Board of Supervisors. [Ord. 75, 2002; Ord. 39 § 5(G), 1996. Code 2009 App. B, § 5(G).]