Chapter 17.35


17.35.010    Procedures.

17.35.010 Procedures.

A. A copy of the proposed minor subdivision plat shall be prepared and submitted to the Zoning Administrator; said plat shall contain such information as required by this chapter or as may be specified by the Zoning Administrator.

B. If the Zoning Administrator shall determine that the “minor subdivision plat” contains sufficient data and elements to furnish a basis for review, then the Zoning Administrator shall forward copies of the submitted plat to the County Engineer, County Board of Health, and to such other agencies or persons as he may deem appropriate and necessary.

C. Review by Agencies. Within 10 working days following receipt of an application by the Zoning Administrator:

1. County Engineer shall notify the Zoning Administrator that access onto the County road will, or will not, be granted and that other improvements do, or do not, conform to current standards.

2. The County Board of Health shall notify the Zoning Administrator that the land so proposed to be subdivided is or is not suitable for the utilization of on-site septic tank disposal systems or that sanitary sewers or other alternative systems of sewage disposal are satisfactory and that the proposed system of water supply complies with applicable County and state standards.

3. Other agencies or persons shall notify the Administrator upon factors deemed appropriate and necessary.

D. Upon receipt of the report of the various offices referred to in subsection C of this section, as soon as possible, but not more than 60 days after initial receipt of the plat by the Zoning Administrator, the Planning and Zoning Commission shall review said plat, consider said reports, negotiate with the subdivider on changes deemed advisable and the kind and extent of improvements to be made, and take action upon the plat as originally submitted or modified. If a subdivision is not recommended for approval, the Planning and Zoning Commission shall give written reasons therefor.

E. The Board of Supervisors shall then take action upon the minor plat, certifying its approval or disapproval. In case of disapproval, the Board of Supervisors shall give written reasons therefor. If approved, the plat shall be certified by resolution.

F. Limitations. This section shall not be applicable to a subdivision that is classified by the Zoning Administrator as a major or agricultural subdivision. [Ord. 83, 2003; Ord. 39 § 7, 1996. Code 2009 App. B, § 7.]