Chapter 17.40


17.40.010    General requirements.

17.40.010 General requirements.

Where it is desired to subdivide a parcel of land, which because of its size or location does not permit a normal lot or street area, there may be established a “place.” Such a place may be in the form of a court, nonconnecting street or other arrangement; provided, however, that proper access shall be given to all lots from a dedicated place (street or court). If any dead-end place, court or cul-de-sac is more than 250 feet in length, it shall terminate in an open space, preferably circular, having a minimum radius of 60 feet. Except in unusual instances, no dead-end street or place shall exceed 600 feet in length. [Ord. 39 § 8, 1996. Code 2009 App. B, § 8.]