Title 18


18.05    General Provisions

18.10    Definitions

18.15    Establishment of Districts and District Boundaries

18.20    Use Regulation for “A” Agricultural District

18.25    Use Regulation for “A-L” Agricultural-Limited District

18.30    Use Regulation for “A-R” Agricultural-Residential District

18.35    Use Regulation for “R-S” Residential-Suburban District

18.40    Use Regulation for “R-M” Residential-Multiple District

18.45    Use Regulation for “C” Commercial District

18.50    Use Regulation for “C-M” Commercial-Manufacturing District

18.55    General Regulations and Provisions of the “E-S” Environmentally Sensitive Overlay District

18.60    Use Regulation for “E-S” Environmentally Sensitive Overlay District

18.65    Agricultural Land Preservation Area Overlay

18.67    Airport Land Use and Height Overlay

18.70    General Regulations and Provisions

18.75    Right to Farm

18.80    Natural Resource Protection and Preservation

18.85    Nonconforming Uses

18.90    Provisions for Automobile Parking

18.95    Requirements for Location of Mobile Homes and Mobile Home Parks

18.100    Outdoor Advertising Signs and Billboards

18.105    Site Plan Review

18.110    Building Permits

18.115    Special Exemptions

18.120    Exceptions and Variations of the Use, Height, and Area Regulations

18.125    Additions, Corrections and Amendments

18.130    Administration and Enforcement

18.135    Iowa Open Meetings Law

18.140    Enforcement and Fees

18.145    Violation and Penalty