Title 3


3-04    Automobile Renting Use Tax

3-08    Automobile Renting Occupation Tax

3-12    Motel and Hotel Room Tax

3-16    Parking Lot and Garage Operations Tax

3-20    Personal Property Tax

3-24    Real Estate Transfer Tax

3-28    Distributor Fuel Tax

3-30    Food and Beverage Tax

3-32    Municipal Retailers’ Occupation Tax and Municipal Service Occupation Tax

3-34    Excise Tax on the Sale of Liquor

3-35    Vehicle Fuel Tax

3-36    Utility Tax

3-37    Telecommunications Infrastructure Maintenance Fee

3-38    Municipal Utility Taxes for the Use and Consumption of Electricity in the City of Harvey

3-40    Revenue Bonds

3-44    Commercial Billboard User Fee

3-48    Emergency 911 Telephone System Surcharge

3-52    Laser Tag Games

3-56    Admissions to Amusements Tax

3-60    Rights and Responsibilities Related to Locally Imposed and Administered Taxes

3-61    Video Gaming Terminal Push Tax

3-62    Cable/Video Service Provider Fee

3-63    Cannabis Retailers’ Occupation Tax