Chapter 17-48


17-48-010    License to operate single- and multi-family rental structures.

17-48-010 License to operate single- and multi-family rental structures.

A.    License Required.

1.    It is unlawful for any person to operate, maintain, or offer to rent within the city, a single-family or multi-family rental structure whether vacant or not, without first obtaining a license as provided in this chapter. The license shall be issued only to an “inspection group,” as defined in this chapter.

2.    It is unlawful for a person to enter into a lease, either as lessor or lessee, for a rental structure if the premise is posted as being unlicensed or having a revoked license.

3.    It is unlawful for any person to occupy, renew a lease, offer for rent or permit occupancy of any vacant dwelling unit or any dwelling unit that becomes vacant in an inspection group that is unlicensed or while a license is under revocation.

4.    These licensing requirements shall not apply to the following structures:

a.    Hotels and motels with rent rooms to occupants to typically make use of the facilities for a period of less than thirty (30) days;

b.    Nursing homes, retirement centers and rest homes, which are subject to licensing and inspection by the state or federal government.

5.    A license for a rental structure cannot be transferred to another rental structure or a succeeding owner.

B.    License Application.

1.    Each applicant for a license to maintain a rental structure shall file a written application with the department of planning detailing but not limited to, the full legal name and address of the owner, address of the rental structure, and number of units within the structure. In the case of an owner who is not a resident of the city then either:

a.    The name, address and phone number of an agent within the city with authority to accept service or notice of a violation must be provided; or

b.    A statement by the owner that service by regular mail upon the owner at the address stated in the application will be considered sufficient service for all purposes.

2.    All license fees shall be due and payable on or before June 1st of each year. All licenses shall expire on May 31st of the following year of issuance.

3.    Each license application shall be accompanied by a fee, which is detailed below:


Single-family rental structure



Multi-family structure



2-3 units



4 or more


4.    If an application for a renewal of an existing license is received after June 1st the fee shall be increased by twenty-five (25) percent.

5.    Whenever there is a change in the ownership of a multi-family rental structure or a change in the owner’s property agent, the owners shall, within fifteen (15) days of such change, file a written notice with the department of planning indicating such change.

6.    Application for license renewal shall be made in the same manner as a new application except that the application shall state that it is for renewal.

7.    Prior to licensing, all landlords will be required to attend a crime-free housing course facilitated by the police, fire and planning departments.

This class will review the following:

a.    Tenant screening process;

b.    Property maintenance code;

c.    Inspections process;

d.    How to make your environment safe and free of crime;

e.    Fire safety.

(Ord. 3122 § 1 (part), 2004)