Chapter 17-68


17-68-010    Violations, notice of court proceeding.

17-68-010 Violations, notice of court proceeding.

A.    The following shall constitute violations of this chapter:

1.    Failure of the owner or owners of the rental property to obtain a license for such property;

2.    Failure of the owner of the rental property to maintain the structure and premises in compliance with city regulations;

3.    To remove or deface any notice, which has been posted pursuant to this title.

B.    Before filing a complaint in court with respect to a violation of this title, the director of planning shall deliver by certified mail a violation notice to the landlord, operating licensee or other party designated to receive notices and service of process on behalf of such landlord or licensee requesting compliance.

C.    No person acting as managing agent or collector of rents of any property involved in any proceeding because of violations or alleged violations of the provisions of this title shall be liable therefore if such person shall, within five days after receipt of notice of any alleged violation, have notified the owner or owners of the property or the employer of such person of the purported violation or violations of any provision or provisions of this title and shall have delivered to the city a copy of such notice with proof of service thereof on the owner, owners, or employer. (Ord. 3122 § 1 (part), 2004)