Chapter 3.20


3.20.010    Donation Fund.

3.20.010 Donation Fund.

(A) A Donation Fund (hereafter “the fund”) is hereby established. Money received as a donation from any person, business or organization to which there is attached any condition, term or restriction on use of the money shall be deposited into the fund.

(B) Monies contained in the fund shall be used for the purpose for which the donation was received. If money remains and the project or purpose for which the money was donated has been fulfilled, the money may be expended for a similar project or purpose upon approval of the board or commission which has jurisdiction of the expenditure of the money, unless the terms of the agreement with the donor require refund of such excess money.

(C) Claims for payment from the fund shall be subject to approval of the Board of Public Works.

(D) The fund shall continue until amended or terminated by ordinance.

(E) The fund is a nonreverting fund. [1983 Code § 3.30.315.]