Title 15


15.05    Construction Generally

15.10    Building Code

15.15    Electrical Code

15.20    Plumbing Code

15.25    Property Maintenance Code

15.30    Unsafe Building Law

15.35    Demolition of Buildings

15.40    Pipelines, Tall Structures, and the Like

15.41    Small Cell and Telecommunication Facilities

15.45    Manufactured Housing

15.50    Erosion Control and Watercourse Protection During Site Development

15.55    Flood Damage Control

    Statutory reference: Municipal home rule, see IC 36-1-3-1 et seq. General grant of authority over buildings, see IC 36-7-2-3 et seq. Unsafe building law, see IC 36-7-9-1 et seq. Definition of substantial property interest, see IC 36-7-9-2 et seq.