Chapter 12.20


12.20.010    Mud, dirt or debris on streets.

12.20.020    Penalty.

12.20.030    Trash and debris.

12.20.040    Lugged vehicles prohibited.

12.20.050    Repealed.

12.20.060    Blocking or diverting traffic or other use.

12.20.070    Penalty.

12.20.080    Regulations.

12.20.090    Removal of vehicles.

12.20.010 Mud, dirt or debris on streets.

No vehicle shall be driven or moved upon any street, highway, road or alley of the City of Gardner, Kansas, unless such vehicle is so constructed or loaded as to prevent any of its load from spilling, dropping, shifting, leaking or otherwise escaping therefrom, and no vehicle shall be driven or moved upon any street, highway, road or alley in the City of Gardner, Kansas, if such vehicle places mud, dirt, or debris upon any said street, highway, road or alley by reason of mud, debris, or dirt dropping from the tires of said vehicle. The dropping of sand for the purpose of securing traction, or water, or other substances being sprinkled upon any street, highway, road, or alley is hereby excepted from the provisions of this section. (Ord. 1137 § 1. Code 1990 § 13-301)

12.20.020 Penalty.

Any person, firm, partnership or corporation violating the provisions of GMC 12.20.010 shall upon conviction thereof be required to clean said street and to pay a fine of not to exceed $100.00 for each day’s violation thereof. (Ord. 1137 § 2. Code 1990 § 13-302)

12.20.030 Trash and debris.

It shall be unlawful for any person to permit any trash or debris, dirt, rock or any material of any kind, to be dropped, thrown or scattered upon any paved street within this City. (Ord. 828 § 3. Code 1990 § 13-303)

12.20.040 Lugged vehicles prohibited.

It shall hereafter be unlawful for any vehicle, truck, tractor or farm machinery equipped with lugs to be propelled, driven or towed over and on any paved street of this City without a special permit being specifically granted by the Governing Body in writing and authorized at a regular or special meeting. (Ord. 828 § 2. Code 1990 § 13-304)

12.20.050 Permits required for excavation or construction within rights-of-way.

Repealed by Ord. 2524. (Ord. 1754 § 1. Code 1990 § 13-305)

12.20.060 Blocking or diverting traffic or other use.

The Governing Body deems it advisable to fully regulate the traffic or use of any paved street within this City, and may block such street or streets, divert or otherwise to control the use thereof by persons, vehicles or other use. (Ord. 828 § 6. Code 1990 § 13-306)

12.20.070 Penalty.

Any person violating the provisions of GMC 12.20.030 through 12.20.060, upon conviction thereof, shall be fined in a sum not exceeding $100.00 for the first offense and not exceeding $200.00 for each successive violation thereof. (Ord. 828 § 7. Code 1990 § 13-307)

12.20.080 Regulations.

The Governing Body of the City of Gardner, Kansas, now deems it advisable to authorize the Public Works Director to remove any vehicles that are preventing the City from completing any necessary repairs or improvements to any of the streets or sidewalks of said City after a reasonable attempt by the City to contact the owner of the vehicle and have the vehicle removed from the area where the repairs or improvements are being conducted. (Ord. 2234 § 3; Ord. 1485 § 1. Code 1990 § 13-308)

12.20.090 Removal of vehicles.

Any vehicle moved in accordance with GMC 12.20.080 will be moved if possible to the owner’s property and if it is not possible to remove the vehicle to the owner’s property, it shall be moved to the closest location to the owner’s property which does not interfere with the repairs and improvements being conducted. (Ord. 1485 § 2. Code 1990 § 13-309)