Chapter 10

Article I. In General

10-1.    Definitions.

10-2.    Consumption of alcoholic liquors in public places, places open to the general public and places of amusement.

10-3.    Certain persons prohibited from saloons.

10-4.    Illegal sales prohibited.

10-5.    Consumption on unlicensed premises.

10-6.    Sale to persons under 21 years of age prohibited.

10-7.    False representation of age.

10-8.    Persons under 21—Unlawful purchase, consumption or possession of liquor.

10-9.    Same—Violations; detention; seizure of alcoholic liquors.

10-10.    Same—Possessing or transporting alcoholic liquor in motor vehicle.

10-11.    Penalties.

10-12.    Single-sales of tobacco products prohibited; authority of enforcement officer or inspector.

10-13.    Tobacco sales to minors prohibited.

10-14—10-70.    Reserved.

Article II. Sale by the Glass

Division 1. Generally

10-71.    Rules and regulations.

10-72.    Order to close during emergency.

10-73.    Dancing or entertainment restrictions; permits.

10-74.    Employee’s age requirements.

10-75.    Rules and regulations.

10-76.    Maintenance of licensed premises.

10-77.    Hours of operation.

10-78.    Prohibited activities.

10-79.    Enforcement of division.

10-80.    Limitations on dispensing liquors.

10-81.    Conformity with sign regulations.

10-82.    Equal opportunity requirement.

10-83—10-100.    Reserved.

Division 2. License

10-101.    Application; contents.

10-102.    Investigation and inspection.

10-103.    Issuance; conditions.

10-104.    Inspections required.

10-105.    Partitioning of licensed premises, when required.

10-106.    Compliance with zoning ordinance.

10-107.    Revocation of alcoholic liquors license; procedure.

10-108—10-130.    Reserved.

Article III. Sale of Beer and Wine by the Glass

Division 1. Generally

10-131.    Definitions.

10-132.    Scope of regulations.

10-133.    Enforcement of division.

10-134.    Order to close during emergency.

10-135.    Regulations relating to dancing.

10-136.    Birth certificates.

10-137.    Rules and regulations for licensees.

10-138.    Prohibited hours of sale.

10-139.    Conformity with sign regulations.

10-140.    Disorderly conduct.

10-141.    Employees mingling.

10-142—10-160.    Reserved.

Division 2. License

10-161.    Inspection of premises.

10-162.    Partitioning of certain licensed premises; exception.

10-163.    Premises restricted near church or school buildings.

10-164.    Revocation of beer and wine license; procedure.

10-165.    License limitation; personal responsibility.

10-166—10-180.    Reserved.

Article IV. Licensing

10-181.    Definitions.

10-182.    Number of licenses permitted.

10-183.    State license.

10-184.    Council approval.

10-185.    License applications.

10-186.    Application for license.

10-187.    Restrictions on licenses.

10-188.    Locations where sale for consumption prohibited.

10-189.    Required seating capacity of licenses at hotels and motels.

10-190.    Transfer of existing licenses.

10-191.    Term of license.

10-192.    Annual license review.

10-193.    Revocation of license.

10-194.    Procedure for denial, recommendation of nonrenewal, suspension, or revocation.

10-195.    Criteria for nonrenewal or revocation.

10-196.    License approval procedure.

10-197.    Approval of city departments.

10-198.    Payment of obligations to the city.

10-199.    Discretion of council.

10-200.    Bowling establishments.

10-201.    Reserved.


Cross referenceBusinesses, ch. 26; law enforcement, ch. 82.

State law referenceLiquor control act, MCL 436.1 et seq.