Chapter 82

Article I. In General

82-1—82-25.    Reserved.

Article II. Community Corrections Advisory Board

82-26—82-50.    Reserved.

Article III. Special Police Officers

82-51.    Appointment; oath.

82-52.    Badges and equipment.

82-53.    Rules and regulations.

82-54.    Specific powers.

82-55.    Unauthorized activities.

82-56.    Grounds for dismissal.

82-57.    Impersonation of special policeman.

82-58.    Injuries in line of duty.

82-59—82-79.    Reserved.

Article IV. Appearance Tickets

82-80.    Service of appearance tickets for violations of specific Code provisions.

82-81—82-99.    Reserved.

Article V. Lost and Stolen Property

82-100.    Scope of article.

82-101.    Public notice required prior to claims by finder.

82-102.    Records to be kept.

82-103.    Notification of owner when known.

82-104.    Disposition of property when no claims pending.

82-105.    Disposition of stolen or unclaimed property and contraband.

82-106.    Time and location of auction.

82-107.    Public notice of auction.

82-108.    Property connected with criminal litigation.

82-109.    Claim of property by owner.

82-110.    Disposition of proceeds of sale; auctioneer license not required.

82-111.    Unsold or valueless property.

82-112.    Claim after property sold.

82-113.    Liability to owner of property.


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