Chapter 86

Article I. In General

86-1.    Support of family.

86-2.    False representation as blind, crippled or physically defective to obtain money, aid.

86-3.    Peeping toms.

86-4.    Disturbing funerals.

86-5—86-29.    Reserved.

Article II. Offenses Affecting Governmental Functions

86-30.    Misrepresentation as to identity.

86-31.    Resisting police officer or firefighter.

86-32.    Assaulting police officer or firefighter.

86-33.    Citizen’s duty to assist police officer.

86-34.    Impersonating an officer.

86-35.    False reports or complaints to police department.

86-36.    Use of siren or whistle.

86-37.    Obstructing or interference with public safety officers.

86-38.    Use of police or fire call box; possession of key.

86-39.    Interference with alarm system wires.

86-40.    False fire alarms.

86-41.    Riding on fire apparatus.

86-42—86-60.    Reserved.

Article III. Offenses Against Public Morals

Division 1. Generally

86-61.    Indecent exposure.

86-62.    Obscene materials and performances.

86-63.    Public urination.

86-64—86-75.    Reserved.

Division 2. Prostitution

86-76.    Solicitation.

86-77.    Keeping place of prostitution.

86-78—86-90.    Reserved.

Division 3. Gambling

86-91.    Prohibited.

86-92.    Dice games.

86-93.    Lotteries.

86-94.    Betting on horse races and athletic contests.

86-95.    Confiscation of money used in gambling.

86-96.    Notice of hearing on confiscated property.

86-97.    Seizure of gambling paraphernalia; disposition.

86-98.    Hearing; sale of contraband; forfeiture.

86-99.    Frequenting gambling places.

86-100.    Use of telephone or telegraph for gambling.

86-101.    Bookmaking paraphernalia.

86-102.    Slot machines; nuisances.

86-103.    Minors prohibited.

86-104.    Leasing for gambling.

86-105—86-115.    Reserved.

Division 4. Controlled Substances

86-116.    Use and possession of marihuana prohibited.

86-117.    Controlled substance paraphernalia.

86-118.    Reserved.

86-119.    Penalties.

86-120.    Effective date.

86-121—86-140.    Reserved.

Article IV. Offenses Against Public Peace

86-141.    Reserved.

86-142.    Disorderly persons.

86-143.    Obscene and offensive language.

86-144.    Disorderly house.

86-145.    Begging/aggressive solicitation—Definitions.

86-146.    Same—Time and place.

86-147.    Same—False or misleading information.

86-148.    Same—Penalties.

86-149—86-165.    Reserved.

Article V. Offenses Against the Person

86-166.    Assault; assault and battery.

86-167.    Domestic assault; domestic assault and battery.

86-168.    Insulting or harassing telephone calls.

86-169.    Malicious annoyance by writing.

86-170—86-190.    Reserved.

Article VI. Offenses Against Property

Division 1. Generally

86-191.    Larceny.

86-192.    Larceny by false pretenses.

86-193.    Retail fraud; penalty.

86-194.    Breaking or entering coinbox or other receptacle.

86-195.    Defrauding public accommodations, proof; exception.

86-196.    Burglars tools; altering keys.

86-197.    Possession of stolen property.

86-198.    Trespassing on private and public property.

86-199.    Posting bills restricted.

86-200.    Injuring public property.

86-201.    Tampering with property of public utilities; manhole covers.

86-202.    Tampering with utility wires.

86-203.    Damaging or removing city property; penalty; street numbering.

86-204.    Defacing public comfort station; posting bills.

86-205.    Damaging private property.

86-206.    Removing or damaging property on vacant structure or building.

86-207.    Graffiti; destroying or injuring the property of another; abatement.

86-208—86-215.    Reserved.

Division 2. Littering

86-216.    Exemption for mail and newspapers.

86-217.    Prohibited acts; dangerous substances on streets.

86-218.    Penalty for violation of division.

86-219.    Litter in public places; receptacles.

86-220.    Throwing of litter.

86-221.    Maintenance of public areas; alleyways; depositing leaves.

86-222.    Litter from vehicles.

86-223.    Dumping or removing material onto or from public or private property; penalty.

86-224.    Litter on vacant lots.

86-225.    Posting notices.

86-226.    Litter on occupied or unoccupied property; evictions; vacations.

86-227.    Owner to maintain premises free of litter.

86-228—86-250.    Reserved.

Article VII. Offenses Against Public Safety

Division 1. Generally

86-251.    Sports and games in streets prohibited.

86-252.    Use of white canes restricted.

86-253.    Drivers approaching person with white cane.

86-254.    Barbed wire and electrical fences prohibited; removal; exceptions.

86-255.    Private swimming pools, fencing; locks.

86-256.    Expectorating in public places prohibited.

86-257.    Abandoned refrigerators and containers.

86-258—86-265.    Reserved.

Division 2. Weapons

86-266.    Definitions.

86-267.    Concealed weapons prohibited.

86-268.    Sale or possession of switchblade and certain other knives; exceptions.

86-269.    Display of specified weapons prohibited.

86-270.    Sale or possession of armor-piercing bullets prohibited; exceptions; penalty.

86-271.    Sale or possession of brass knuckles, blackjacks and billy clubs.

86-272.    Possession of certain dangerous weapons by minors prohibited; responsibility of parents.

86-273.    Sale or furnishing of dangerous weapons to minors and intoxicated persons.

86-274.    Order required to sell or deliver revolver.

86-275.    Discharging firearms and other dangerous weapons; exceptions.

86-276.    Possession of firearms—Restricted.

86-277.    Same—Exemptions.

86-278.    Forfeiture of firearms.

86-279—86-290.    Reserved.

Division 3. Fireworks

86-291.    Possession and discharging prohibited.

86-292.    Sale or storage prohibited; exceptions; license.

86-293.    Sale of sparklers and caps; license required; storage.

86-294.    Fireworks license for exhibitions or events; inspections and supervision by fire marshal; license requirements; specific designated holidays.

86-295.    Penalties.

Division 4. Consumer Fireworks

86-296.    Prohibition.

86-297.    Penalty.

86-298—86-315.    Reserved.

Article VIII. Offenses Involving Minors or Others

86-316.    Reserved.

86-317.    Purchase or possession of spray paint by minors.

86-318.    Curfew for minors.

86-319.    Parental responsibility.

86-320.    Contribution to the neglect or delinquency of minors.

86-321—86-330.    Reserved.

Article IX. Offenses on School Property

86-331.    Disturbances in and around school.

86-332.    Defacing public, private or parochial schools.

86-333.    Drug free school zones.

86-334—86-499.    Reserved.

Article X. Municipal Civil Infractions

86-500.    Definitions.

86-501.    General penalties and sanctions for violations of Code and city ordinances; continuing violations; injunctive relief.

86-502.    Municipal civil infraction action—Commencement.

86-503.    Citations—Issuance and service.

86-504.    Same—Contents.


Cross reference—Administration, ch. 2; environment, ch. 58; law enforcement, ch. 82.