86-1 Support of family.

No person of sufficient ability shall refuse or neglect to support his family.

(Code 1985, § 16-27)

State law reference—Such person defined as a disorderly person, MCL 750.167(1)(a).

86-2 False representation as blind, crippled or physically defective to obtain money, aid.

No person shall falsely represent himself as blind, deaf, dumb, crippled or physically defective for the purpose of obtaining money or other things of value, or to secure aid or assistance on account of such false representation.

(Code 1985, § 16-26)

State law reference—Falsely representing self as crippled, MCL 750.221.

86-3 Peeping toms.

No person shall trespass upon the property or premises of another with the intent to peer or peep into the window or door of the house, apartment or other residence in the city in such a manner as would be likely to interfere with the occupant’s reasonable expectation of privacy and without the occupant’s express or implied consent.

(Code 1985, § 16-31)

86-4 Disturbing funerals.

No person shall willfully disturb, interrupt or disquiet any assemblage of people who have met for the purpose of any funeral, or obstruct or detain any persons engaged in accompanying any funeral to a place of burial.

(Code 1985, § 16-32)

86-586-29 Reserved.