Chapter 90

Article I. In General

90-1—90-25.    Reserved.

Article II. Municipal Golf Course Advisory Board

90-26—90-50.    Reserved.

Article III. Use of Parks

90-51.    Supervision of public parks.

90-52.    Use of parks.

90-53.    Hunting prohibited.

90-54.    Damaging public property; depositing rubbish.

90-55.    Public meetings and speeches—Permission required.

90-56.    Same—Standards for granting permission.

90-57.    Profanity; disorderly conduct.

90-58.    Posting signs; peddling; picnics.

90-59.    Rules and regulations.

90-60.    Closing parks.

90-61.    Driving vehicles; speed limit.


Cross referenceLaw enforcement, ch. 82.

State law referenceAuthority of city to operate system of public recreation and playgrounds, MCL 123.51 et seq., MSA 5.2421 et seq.