Chapter 30

Article I. In General

30-1—30-50.    Reserved.

Article II. Cable Television Advisory Council

30-51—30-85.    Reserved.

Article III. Cable Television

30-86.    Short title.

30-87.    Purpose.

30-88.    Definitions.

30-89.    Franchise required.

30-90.    Initial franchise application; contents; fees; issuance; transfer.

30-91.    Franchise nonexclusive; term; form.

30-92.    Franchise; fees; reporting; records.

30-93.    Construction of facilities; right to use streets; restrictions; disposal; duties.

30-94.    Standard of service.

30-95.    Rates; discrimination; filing schedules; maximum rates; increase in rates, procedures.

30-96.    Service; provision to city, schools, public emergencies.

30-97.    Indemnity.

30-98.    Termination; revocation or surrender of franchise.

30-99.    Commencement and completion of construction.

30-100.    Hearing and determination of complaints; procedure; local office.

30-101.    Priority of use.

30-102.    Surrender of other franchises.

30-103.    Rights of city.


Cross referenceAdministration, ch. 2; streets, sidewalks and other public places, ch. 102; franchises, App. A.