Chapter 54

Article I. In General

54-1—54-30.    Reserved.

Article II. Ambulances

54-31.    Purpose of article.

54-32.    Equipment required; attendants.

54-33.    Attendant’s certificate; issuance; term; vehicles.

54-34.    Qualifications for drivers.

54-35—54-75.    Reserved.

Article III. Alarm Systems

54-76.    Definitions.

54-77.    Permit required; fees.

54-78.    Sale or installation of system; license required.

54-79.    Automatic telephone alarm systems prohibited.

54-80.    Audible alarms—Locating information required.

54-81.    Same—Duration limited.

54-82.    Multiple units of occupancy within building; separate alarm system required.

54-83.    False alarms; fees; revocation of permit; waiver procedure.

54-84.    Exceptions to false alarms.

54-85.    False alarm warning notice.

54-86.    Reinstatement of permit following revocation.

54-87.    Violation; penalty.


Cross referenceFire prevention and protection, ch. 62.