Chapter 62

Article I. In General

62-1.    Open burning prohibited; penalties; appearance tickets.

62-2—62-25.    Reserved.

Article II. Fire Prevention Code

62-26.    Adoption by reference.

62-27.    Bureau of fire prevention—Composition; reports.

62-28.    Same—Powers and duties.

62-29.    Modifications of fire prevention code.

62-30.    Appeals from decisions of fire chief.

62-31.    New materials, processes or occupancies; permits.

62-32.    Storage of readily combustible materials.

62-33.    Penalties for violation.

62-34.    Recovery of abatement cost.

62-35.    False fire alarms definitions.

62-36.    False fire alarm response costs and/or fees.

62-37.    Procedure for appealing billing and/or invoice for false fire alarm response costs and/or fees.

62-38.    Effect of payment.

62-39.    Action to recover costs.

62-40—62-55.    Reserved.

Article III. Fire Department

62-56—62-80.    Reserved.

Article IV. Fire Limits

62-81.    Fire limits no. 1.

62-82.    Fire limits no. 2.

62-83.    Outside fire limits.

62-84.    Lumberyards prohibited.

62-85.    Prohibited businesses; fireworks exception.

62-86—62-105.    Reserved.

Article V. Fire Doors and Sprinkler Systems

62-106.    Fire doors required in multiple dwellings; markings.

62-107.    Sprinkler systems in multiple dwellings.

62-108.    Responsibility for maintenance of fire doors.

62-109.    Responsibility for sprinkler system.

62-110.    Notice to install sprinkler system.

62-111.    Fire suppression and alarm system testing.

62-112.    Fire department connection (FDC) caps.

62-113.    Lock boxes.

62-114.    Location of lock boxes.

62-115.    Lock box contents.

62-116.    Compliance.

62-117.    Applications.

62-118.    Lock box installation.

62-119.    Penalty.

62-120—62-130.    Reserved.

Article VI. Liquefied Petroleum Gas

62-131.    Definitions.

62-132.    Storage; use.

62-133.    Gas tanks—Installation, maintenance.

62-134.    Same—Outside fire limits.

62-135.    Heavily populated or congested areas.

62-136.    Permits required; fee; inspections; records.

62-137—62-155.    Reserved.

Article VII. Smoke Detectors and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

62-156.    Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors.

62-157—62-180.    Reserved.

Article VIII. Safety Bars

62-181.    Requirements for the sale and installation of security bars.


Cross reference—Administration, ch. 2; buildings and building regulations, ch. 22; businesses, ch. 26; civil emergencies, ch. 38; community development, ch. 42; emergency services, ch. 54; streets, sidewalks and other public places, ch. 102; subdivisions, ch. 106; utilities, ch. 118.

State law reference—Fire prevention generally, MCL 29.1 et seq.; crimes related to explosives and bombs, MCL 750.200 et seq.; crimes related to fires, MCL 750.240 et seq.