Chapter 118

Article I. In General

118-1—118-24.    Reserved.

Article II. Water

Division 1. Generally

118-25.    Reserved.

118-26.    Definitions.

118-27.    Supervision of City water supply system.

118-28.    Department’s duties.

118-29.    Rules and regulations.

118-30.    Construction or alterations; plans.

118-31.    Prohibited uses of water.

118-32.    Unauthorized water connections; supply by single service pipe to more than one lot prohibited.

118-33.    Unauthorized turn on of water.

118-34.    Contamination of water supply prohibited.

118-35.    Waste of water prohibited.

118-36.    Interference with water mains.

118-37.    Opening hydrants; obstructions.

118-38.    Fire suppression connections; prohibited use; testing; backflow prevention detector assembly.

118-39.    Curb stops; opening and closing.

118-40.    Obstruction of or interference with curb stops, valves, or fixtures.

118-41.    Use of service pipes; separate premises.

118-42.    Service pipes, maintenance; notice to repair; cost of repair constitutes lien.

118-43.    Interference with supply pipes, mains, or curb stops.

118-44.    Subdivided building; separate pipes.

118-45.    Protection of pipes from freezing.

118-46.    Special permits for water usage in construction or other special use.

118-47.    Discontinuance of service.

118-48.    Relation to plumbing codes; resolution of conflicts or inconsistencies.

118-49.    Connection requirement.

118-50.    Right to enter premises.

118-51—118-60.    Reserved.

Division 2. Plumbers

118-61.    License required.

118-62.    Workmanlike performance required.

118-63—118-75.    Reserved.

Division 3. Inspections in General

118-76.    Department inspectors; credentials.

118-77.    Access to premises; refusal; discontinuance of service.

118-78.    Unauthorized use of credentials.

118-79—118-90.    Reserved.

Division 4. Water Meters

118-91.    Meters required.

118-92.    Installation by Department.

118-93.    Ownership, control, and maintenance of meters.

118-94.    Meters to be sealed; injury, tampering, relocating, disconnection, interference, etc. prohibited.

118-95.    Damage to meters; responsibilities of property owner.

118-96.    Access to inspect, replace, or test.

118-97.    Bypass prohibited; exception; strainer.

118-98.    Secondary water meter.

118-99—118-105.    Reserved.

Division 5. Supply Pipes and Fixtures

118-106.    Water connection; application procedure.

118-107.    Material for pipes.

118-108.    Approved fixtures required.

118-109.    Supply pipes; installation by department.

118-110.    Service pipes; installation by plumber; approval.

118-111.    Laying service pipes.

118-112.    Valves; installation and maintenance; meter.

118-113.    Fees for permits, inspection and installation.

118-114—118-119.    Reserved.

Division 6. Cross Connections

118-120.    Purpose.

118-121.    Authority, agent, and administrator.

118-122.    Compliance with laws, ordinances, codes, rules, and regulations.

118-123.    Cross connections prohibited; unlawful connections.

118-124.    Cross connection inspections.

118-125.    Access to premises; right of entry.

118-126.    Discontinuance of service.

118-127.    Correction of violations.

118-128.    Protective devices.

118-129.    Fire suppression systems.

118-130.    Piping identification.

118-131.    Protection of potable water supply.

118-132.    Charges for inspection.

118-133—118-145.    Reserved.

Division 7. Rates and Charges

118-146.    Security deposits.

118-147.    Water rates; minimum requirements.

118-148.    Date of bills.

118-149.    Nonreceipt of bills.

118-150.    Failure of meter to register; testing for accuracy.

118-151.    Water supplied at meter rates.

118-152.    Frequency of billing; delinquent accounts; fees.

118-153.    All payments to be received by the Department.

118-154.    Service charges constitute lien upon property.

118-155.    Appeal of overcharges.

118-156—118-165.    Reserved.

Division 8. Owner-Requested Water Shutoffs and Rebates

118-166.    Request to permanently discontinue water service.

118-167.    Turnoff during temporary vacancy.

118-168—118-180.    Reserved.

Division 9. Service Outside City Limits

118-181.    Contract authorization.

118-182.    Rules and regulations.

118-183.    Installation expenses; advance payment; consents.

118-184.    Annexation of water facilities.

118-185—118-210.    Reserved.

Division 10. Water Use Restrictions

118-211.    Purpose; conditions warranting declaration of emergency.

118-212.    Temporary emergency sprinkling regulations.

Division 11. Enforcement

118-213.    Municipal civil infractions.

118-214.    Criminal penalties; imprisonment.

118-215.    Continuing violation.

118-216.    Nuisance.

118-217.    Judicial relief.

118-218.    Cumulative remedies.

118-219—118-220.    Reserved.

Division 12. Water Main and Sewer Construction

118-221.    Permit required.

118-222.    Permit application.

118-223.    Permit; issuance or denial; appeals.

118-224.    Inspections during progress; departure from approved plans; notice of violation.

118-225.    Review fee.

118-226.    Permit fee; final field inspection.

Article III. Sewer Use and Pretreatment

Division 1. General Provisions

118-71.01.    Designation of Agent and Representative; Amendments; General Purposes, Scope, and Applicability of Article.

118-71.02.    Definitions.

Division 2. Use of Public Sewers Required; Private Wastewater Disposal

118-72.01.    Public Sanitary Sewer System; Declaration of Necessity.

118-72.02.    Unlawful Construction.

118-72.03.    Required Connection To Available Sanitary Sewer.

118-72.04.    Private Treatment and Disposal Requirements.

118-72.05.    Public Sewer Becomes Available.

118-72.06.    Unlawful Deposition.

118-72.07.    Discharge Prohibited Without Required Approvals, Permits, and Treatment.

118-72.08.    Additional Public Health Requirements.

Division 3. Building Sewers and Connections

118-73.01.    Waste Discharge Prohibited Except Through Approved Sewer Connection.

118-73.02.    Connection Permit Required.

118-73.03.    Sewer Connection Permits; Connection Costs; Performance Bonds and Insurance.

118-73.04.    Multiple Buildings; Separate Uses within Buildings.

118-73.05.    Existing Building Sewers; Abandoned Sewers.

118-73.06.    Construction Specifications.

118-73.07.    Building Sewer Elevation and Location.

118-73.08.    Floor Drains; Backwater Valve Devices.

118-73.09.    Low Building Sewers.

118-73.10.    Connection Specifications.

118-73.11.    Notification; Connection Inspection.

118-73.12.    Protection and Restoration.

118-73.13.    Sewer to be Plugged upon Building Demolition.

118-73.14.    Connection to Sources of Runoff Prohibited.

118-73.15.    Pretreatment Of Any Discharge May Be Required.

Division 4. Conditions of Service

118-74.01.    Responsibilities and Liabilities For Private Sewer Lines and Facilities.

118-74.02.    Water Meters.

118-74.03.    Disruption of Service.

118-74.04.    Service Inspections.

Division 5. Public Sewer Design and Installation

118-75.01.    Public Sewer Design and Installation - In General.

Division 6. Regulation of Discharges to the POTW

118-76.01.    Discharge Prohibitions.

118-76.02.    Pretreatment Standards and Requirements.

118-76.03.    Right of Revision.

118-76.04.    POTW’s Right To Refuse or Condition Discharge.

118-76.05.    Most Restrictive Standards and Requirements Apply.

118-76.06.    Dilution Prohibited as Substitute for Treatment.

Division 7. User Permits

118-77.01.    User Permit Required.

118-77.02.    Determination Of User Status.

118-77.03.    Permit Application Deadlines.

118-77.04.    Permit Application Requirements.

118-77.05.    Permit Issuance, Denial, or Determination that Permit not Required.

118-77.06.    Permit Conditions.

118-77.07.    Permit Modifications.

118-77.08.    Permit Duration.

118-77.09.    Permit Reissuance.

118-77.10.    Continuation of Expired Permits.

118-77.11.    Permit Suspension and Revocation.

118-77.12.    Limitations on Permit Transfer.

118-77.13.    Duty to Provide Information.

118-77.14.    Permit Appeals.

118-77.15.    Permits Not Stayed.

118-77.16.    Permit Fees.

Division 8. Reporting and Notice Requirements

118-78.01.    Reports By Nondomestic Users Regarding Categorical Pretreatment Standards and Requirements.

118-78.02.    Reports Required for Nondomestic Users Not Subject to Categorical Pretreatment Standards.

118-78.03.    Notice by User of Potential Problems.

118-78.04.    Notice by User of Violation of Pretreatment Standards.

118-78.05.    Notice by User of Changed Discharge or Change in User Status.

118-78.06.    Notice By User Regarding Wastes That Are Otherwise Hazardous.

118-78.07.    Notice by User Regarding Installation of New Pretreatment Facilities.

118-78.08.    Notice of Intent.

118-78.09.    Other Reports and Notices Required by this Section or by Other Applicable Laws and Regulations.

118-78.10.    Requirements Applicable to All Required Reports, Notifications, and Applications.

118-78.11.    Signature and Certification Requirements.

Division 9. Sampling, Analysis and Monitoring Requirements

118-79.01.    Sampling and Analytical Techniques and Procedures.

118-79.02.    Sampling Frequency.

118-79.03.    Sample Types.

118-79.04.    Sampling Methods, Equipment and Location.

118-79.05.    Costs of Monitoring, Sampling and Analyses.

118-79.06.    Self-monitoring.

118-79.07.    Sampling and Analyses Performed by POTW.

118-79.08.    Split Samples and Sample Results.

118-79.09.    Maintenance, Repair and Calibration of Equipment.

118-79.10.    Required Sampling Structures and Devices.

118-79.11.    Determination of Flow.

Division 10. Accidental Discharges

118-80.01.    General.

118-80.02.    Designation of Person in Charge of Discharge Operations.

118-80.03.    Description of Chemicals Stored, Used or Manufactured by User; User Discharges; User Premises.

118-80.04.    Segregation of Wastewaters Requiring Pretreatment.

118-80.05.    Secondary Containment Requirements.

118-80.06.    Submission of Pollution Incident Prevention Plan.

118-80.07.    Posting of Accidental Discharge Information.

118-80.08.    Notice of Accidental Discharge.

118-80.09.    Slug Control Plan.

Division 11. Upset and Additional Affirmative Defenses

118-81.01.    Upset.

118-81.02.    Additional Affirmative Defenses.

Division 12. Bypass

118-82.01.    Bypass Not Violating Applicable Pretreatment Standards or Requirements.

118-82.02.    Bypass Prohibited.

118-82.03.    Required Notices.

118-82.04.    POTW Approved Bypass.

Division 13. Confidential Information

118-83.01.    Confidential Information.

Division 14. Records Retention

118-84.01.    Maintenance of Records.

Division 15. Administration of the POTW

118-85.01.    Operation and Management of POTW.

118-85.02.    Powers of Director.

Division 16. User Pollution Controls

118-86.01.    Provision by Users of Necessary Pretreatment Facilities.

118-86.02.    Proper Operation and Maintenance.

118-86.03.    Removed Substances.

118-86.04.    Duty to Halt or Reduce Activity.

118-86.05.    Duty to Mitigate.

118-86.06.    Duty to Pretreat Prior to Discharge to POTW.

118-86.07    . Implementation of Best Management Practices or Best Management Practices Plan.

118-86.08.    FOG Interceptors; Alternative FOG Pretreatment Technology; Sand Traps.

118-86.09.    Dental Amalgam; Amalgam Separators.

118-86.10.    Additional Pretreatment Measures.

Division 17. Enforcement

118-87.01.    POTW Inspection, Surveillance and Monitoring Authority; Right of Entry.

118-87.02.    Notice of Violation.

118-87.03.    Orders and Supplemental Enforcement Tools.

118-87.04.    Service of Notices of Violations, Orders and Notices of Assessments.

118-87.05.    Publication of Users in Significant Noncompliance.

118-87.06.    Municipal Civil Infractions.

118-87.07.    Criminal Penalties; Imprisonment.

118-87.08.    Continuing Violation.

118-87.09.    Number of Violations.

118-87.10.    Nuisance.

118-87.11.    Reimbursement.

118-87.12.    Review or Approval by Director or City.

118-87.13.    Severance or Suspension of Sewer and/or Water Service.

118-87.14.    Judicial Relief.

118-87.15.    Cumulative Remedies.

Division 18. Administrative Review and Appeals

118-88.01.    Procedures Available.

118-88.02.    Informal Review and Reconsideration by the WRRF Superintendent.

118-88.03.    Appeal to Wastewater Board of Appeals.

118-88.04.    Payment of Charges, Penalties, Fines, and Other Costs or Fees.

118-88.05.    Finality of Action.

118-88.06.    Appeals from Determination of WBA.

Division 19. Protection from Damage

118-89.01.    Protection from Damage.

Division 20. Municipal Liability

118-90.01.    Municipal Liability.

Division 21. Use of Public Sewers Conditional

118-91.01.    Use of Public Sewers Conditional.

Division 22. Industrial Pretreatment Program Fees

118-92.01.    Purpose.

118-92.02.    IPP Fees.

118-92.03.    IPP Fee Amounts.

118-92.04.    Surcharges.

118-92.05.    Billing and Collection of IPP Fees.

Division 23. Sewer Service Charges, Rates, and Fees

118-93.01.    Sewer Connection Charges and Fees.

118-93.02.    User Charges and Fees.

118-93.03.    Payments; Delinquent Fees; Lien.

Division 24. Discharges to POTW by Other Local Units

118-94.01.    Discharges By Other Local Units of Government; Sewer Use Ordinances; Interjurisdictional Agreements.

Article IV. Stormwater Control

Division 1. General Provisions

118-300—323.    Reserved.

118-324.    General provisions.

118-325.    Definitions.

118-326—118-360.    Reserved.

Division 2. Applicability

118-361.    General.

118-362.    Requirements.

118-363.    Prohibition of illegal discharges and illicit connections.

118-364—118-375.    Reserved.

Division 3. Stormwater Construction Approvals

118-376.    General requirements.

118-377.    Application for stormwater construction approval.

118-378.    Financial assurance for regulated construction activity.

118-379—118-390.    Reserved.

Division 4. Design and Construction Requirements for Stormwater Control Systems

118-391.    General.

118-392.    Requirements for design of stormwater control systems.

118-393—118-399.    Reserved.

Division 5. Fees for Stormwater Construction Approvals

118-400.    General.

118-401—118-405.    Reserved.

Division 6. Long-Term Maintenance

118-406.    Demonstration of long-term maintenance.

118-407.    Scope of long-term maintenance.

118-408.    Long-term maintenance agreement provisions.

118-409.    Recording.

118-410—118-425.    Reserved.

Division 7. Authority and Duties of Inspectors

118-426.    Authority.

118-427.    Duties of inspectors.

118-428—118-445.    Reserved.

Division 8. Compliance and Enforcement

118-446.    General.

118-447.    Investigations, notices of violations, informal conferences, and voluntary agreements.

118-448.    Administrative compliance orders.

118-449.    Emergency administrative orders.

118-450.    Assessment of expenses and attorney fees.

118-451.    Municipal civil infractions.

118-452.    Civil actions.

118-453.    Criminal penalties; imprisonment.

118-454.    Separate offenses.

118-455.    Remedies not exclusive.

118-456—118-465.    Reserved.

Division 9. Appeal

118-466.    Appeal.

118-467.    Preemption.


Cross reference—Administration, ch. 2; buildings and building regulations, ch. 22; fire prevention and protection, ch. 62; floods, ch. 66; streets, sidewalks and other public places, ch. 102; subdivisions, ch. 106.