7.101 Effect on Existing City Legislation

All ordinances and resolutions of the City and all orders, rules and regulations made by any officer or agency of the City which are not inconsistent with this charter shall remain in effect, until changed by action taken under this charter.

The City Attorney shall, as soon as practicable, recommend to the Council such changes as may be necessary to make the provisions of existing ordinances, resolutions, orders, rules and regulations consistent with this charter.

7.102 Continuation of Public and Private Rights

All writs, actions, suits, proceedings, civil or criminal liabilities, prosecutions, judgments, sentences, orders, decrees, appeals, causes of action, contracts, claims, demands, titles and rights existing when this charter takes effect shall continue unaffected except as modified in accordance with this charter.

7.103 Rights and Liabilities Continued

At the time this charter takes effect, all property, moneys, contracts, rights, credits, effects, and records, files, books and papers of the City; all rights, liabilities or debts of the City; all suits or prosecutions of any character involving the City; all fines and penalties imposed and all taxes and assessments levied and uncollected and all licenses issued by the City shall be and remain the same as if such changes had not been made. However, when a new remedy is given in this charter, or in any ordinance, which can be made applicable to any right existing at the time this charter takes effect, it is cumulative to the remedies before provided, unless a newly provided remedy is declared exclusive.

7.104 Rights of Officers and Employees

Except as otherwise provided by this charter, no provision of this charter shall affect or impair the rights or privileges of City officers or employees existing when this charter takes effect with respect to appointment, ranks, grades, tenure of office, promotions, removal, pension and retirement rights.

7.105 Successor Officers

When an office or department no longer exists and a reference is made to that discontinued office or department in ordinances, resolutions, rules, regulations or orders which remain in effect under this charter, the references shall be understood as meaning the officer or department which has succeeded to all or most of the functions of the discontinued office or department.

7.106 Amendments and Revisions

This charter may be amended or revised as provided by law.

7.107 Compensation

Except as otherwise provided by ordinance, the Mayor shall be compensated equal to the salary, exclusive of fringe benefits, paid to the last City Manager before the effective date of this charter.

7.108 Headings

The article, chapter and section headings of this charter are provided merely for the convenience of the reader. They are not part of the charter and shall be given no legal effect.

7.109 Transitional Provision

If any question concerning transition from the old charter to this charter (for which this charter has not provided) arises, the City may provide for a resolution of the question by ordinance.