8.101 Electoral Vote; Effective Date; First Officers

(a)    This charter shall be submitted to the people of Pontiac for adoption at a special election to be held on September 15, 1981.

(b)    If this charter is adopted, this charter shall take effect on May 3, 1982, except that subpart (d) below shall have immediate effect.

(c)    City Commissioners elected at the general election, to be held November 3, 1981, under the old charter, shall continue to serve as member of the City Council under this new charter for extended terms which expire on the first business day following January 1, 1986.

(d)    A special general election to elect the first Mayor of the City of Pontiac under this charter shall be held on Monday, April 5, 1982. The ballot for such special election for Mayor shall contain as candidates the names of all persons who shall have filed non-partisan nominations signatures of not less than 400 nor more than 800 registered voters of the City. Provisions of state law shall, to the extent not inconsistent herewith, apply to and govern the conduct of the special election. The person elected Mayor shall take office May 3, 1982 and shall serve a term expiring on the first business day following January 1, 1986.

8.102 Ballot Question

This charter shall be submitted to the electors on September 15, 1981 for adoption in the manner and with the effect prescribed by law as follows:

Shall the City Charter proposed by the Pontiac Charter Revision Commission be adopted?

Yes ___ No___