Chapter 5
C-C Civic Center District

3.501 Intent.

The intent of this district is to provide a suitable central location for a variety of public services rendered by government and the accessory parking areas and circulation commonly provided for the convenience of employees and the general public.

3.502 Permitted Principal Uses and/or Exceptions.


3.503 Permitted Accessory Uses.


3.504 Uses Requiring Planning Commission Special Exception Permit.

The civic center development plan as adopted by the planning commission and city council and as hereafter amended shall be followed. The following uses are permitted:

A.    Federal, State, county and municipal offices.

B.    Library, museum, auditorium, sports arenas, art gallery, exhibition hall, and related cultural uses.

C.    Buildings erected for public use by nonprofit corporations or associations which are compatible with the special exception uses listed in this section, including Municipal Employees Credit Union.

3.505 Area, Height, Bulk and Placement Regulations.

A.    The maximum building height shall be 50 feet or four stories.

B.    The required minimum useable floor area per dwelling unit, minimum required setback dimensions, minimum area, and lot size are not applicable.

C.    Signs in the C-C district shall be regulated in the same manner as signs in the C-2 district. See Article 5 for sign regulations.

3.506 Planning Commission Review and Decision.

The planning commission shall review and approve or reject the proposed site plan of all proposed project development, in accordance with the standards and requirements of this Ordinance.