Chapter 4
R-O Recreation Open Space District

3.401 Intent.

The regulations of this district are intended to provide for the preservation of selected land areas in a natural state due to their aesthetic and environmental values. The district also provides for certain educational, public service, and commercial activities which would complement the effective use of land for certain outdoor recreation purposes consistent with the City of Pontiac Land Use Plan.

3.402 Permitted Principal Uses and/or Exceptions.

A.    Unimproved open space:

B.    Woodlands.

C.    Wetlands.

D.    Undeveloped portions of floodplains.

E.    Improved open space:

F.    Public or private playgrounds, picnic areas, water sports areas, and similar outdoor recreation facilities.

G.    Public or private golf courses, excepting golf establishments which are devoted exclusively to Par 3 facilities.

H.    Public or private boat launching facilities and marinas including establishments for renting of boats, and renting or sale of bait, fishing equipment, and other similar outdoor recreation merchandise, excluding establishments for the sale, renting or servicing of motorized equipment and vehicles.

I.    Educational facilities, such as zoological gardens, wilderness preserves and sanctuaries, botanical gardens, and arboretums, which necessarily include open space as an integral part of the facility.

3.403 Permitted Accessory Uses.

A.    Any use customarily incidental to the principal permitted use when located on the same premises.

B.    Outdoor advertising signs related to the uses of the premises on which they are located, provided that, such signs shall conform to the city sign ordinance.

C.    Off-street parking and loading as required by Article 4, Chapter 3.

3.404 Uses Requiring Planning Commission Special Exception Permit.

Other outdoor recreation and open space uses similar to those in Section 3.405, subject to city planning commission approval as being compatible with surrounding land uses and consistent with maximizing the aesthetic and outdoor recreation use of the site, and the provision of adequate off-street parking.

3.405 Planning Commission Review and Decision.

The planning commission shall review and approve or reject the proposed site plans of all proposed project development, in accordance with the standards and requirements of this ordinance.