Chapter 2.20


2.20.010    Office created.

2.20.020    Members.

2.20.030    Records – Finances.

2.20.040    Powers – Duties.

2.20.050    Budget.

2.20.060    Investigation – Recommendation.

2.20.070    Additional investigations.

2.20.010 Office created.

There is hereby created, as an office of the Village government of the Village of Cimarron, a planning commission, which shall be an official body for research and fact-finding, and for making advisory recommendations to the mayor and village council regarding long-term and permanent planning by the Village of Cimarron, and for assisting and advising the mayor and village council relative to ways and means of promoting the general welfare in Cimarron. [Ord. 55 § 1, 1940].

2.20.020 Members.

Said planning commission shall be named village planning commission of the Village of Cimarron, New Mexico, and shall be composed of five members, residing in the Village of Cimarron and qualified by training, experience and ability to exercise sound and practical judgment on civic, social, economic and governmental affairs. The members shall be appointed by the mayor with the advice and consent of a majority vote of all of the members of the village council. The mayor and any member of the village council may be appointed to membership on the planning commission, but the majority of the members of the planning commission shall be non-office-holding citizens. Annually, the planning commission, by majority vote, shall name one of its members to serve as chairman for one year. The chairman may be reelected. All meetings shall be called by the chairman and the official signature of the planning commission shall be in the name of its chairman. Members of the planning commission shall serve as such without compensation. [Ord. 55 § 2, 1940].

2.20.030 Records – Finances.

The planning commission shall keep full and complete records of their meetings and actions. The chairman may appoint one of the members of the commission to serve as secretary. The village attorney shall be the official legal adviser to the planning commission, and all other Village officials, upon request, shall furnish to the planning commission such available information or services as it may require for the carrying on of its duties. To the extent that finances permit, the village council may appropriate funds for the expenses by the planning commission but the incurring of expenses by the planning commission shall be limited to amounts previously authorized by the village council and properly appropriated for. [Ord. 55 § 3, 1940].

2.20.040 Powers – Duties.

It shall be the duty of said planning commission to study continuously the physical, social and economic features of the Village; to conceive and develop a suitable and acceptable master plan for the physical development of the Village to be submitted to the council for approval, which, after its approval, may serve as a guide for the undertaking of future public improvements; to secure competent compilation of pertinent data pertaining to proposed or desirable public improvements; to estimate the ability of the Village to finance the construction and maintenance of such improvements and to make recommendations relative to the merits, need, and advisability of any public improvements it may propose itself or which may be proposed by others.

The planning commission shall, at appropriate times, advise the mayor and village council of any developments of factors within or outside the Village limits which may tend to make revision of plans advisable. [Ord. 55 § 4, 1940].

2.20.050 Budget.

On June 1st of each year, the planning commission shall submit to the mayor and village council its recommendation of a capital budget covering estimated receipts and disbursements for physical improvements for the ensuing fiscal year, supported by tentative recommended capital budgets for the next five later succeeding years. The capital budget should give in reasonable detail descriptions of the improvements proposed, a recommended order of priorities for undertaking of the improvements and an analysis of estimated means for financing the cost of the improvements. [Ord. 55 § 5, 1940].

2.20.060 Investigation – Recommendation.

Before any public improvement shall be approved by the village council, the planning commission shall be invited to make its recommendations. No contract for the services of any private architect, engineer or consultant in connection with any improvement project shall be entered into until the planning commission has investigated the competency of the person, persons or firm involved and has reported its findings to the village council. Nor shall the village council enter into negotiations for sale of bonds for public improvements without first obtaining the advisory opinion of the planning commission as to the desirable description of the bonds and suitable terms of sale. [Ord. 55 § 6, 1940].

2.20.070 Additional investigations.

Upon the request of the mayor, or when requested by a duly adopted resolution of the village council, the planning commission shall undertake any additional studies or investigations for the purpose of ascertaining facts, making recommendations and otherwise assisting the village council in the development of the Village. [Ord. 55 § 7, 1940].