Chapter 2.15


2.15.010    Created.

2.15.020    Members – Terms of office.

2.15.030    Chairman and vice-chairman.

2.15.040    Meetings.

2.15.050    Rules of procedure.

2.15.060    Powers and duties.

2.15.010 Created.

There is hereby created a Cimarron community ambulance board to be composed of seven members, one of whom shall be designated as chairman. Appointments shall be made by the mayor and confirmed by the governing body, and members will serve without compensation for terms as herein provided or until their successors shall be appointed and qualified. [Amended during 2014 codification; Ord. 120 § 1, 1981].

2.15.020 Members – Terms of office.

The members of the Cimarron community ambulance board shall be resident citizens of the municipality (unless this qualification is waived by the governing body) and qualified electors and shall be appointed to serve initially for terms of office beginning on the date of their appointment respectively as follows:

A. One member whose term of office shall expire on July 1, 1982;

B. Two members whose terms of office shall expire on July 1, 1983;

C. Two members whose terms of office shall expire on July 1, 1984;

D. Two members whose terms of office shall expire on July 1, 1985.

As the term of office of each of the appointed members of said board expires, then the governing body shall appoint a successor for a term of four years, as provided in VCMC 2.15.010. [Ord. 120 § 2, 1981].

2.15.030 Chairman and vice-chairman.

Within 10 days after appointment, the members of the initial board shall organize and select a chairman and vice-chairman. The municipal clerk-treasurer shall serve as secretary of the board. [Ord. 120 § 3, 1981].

2.15.040 Meetings.

The board shall meet at regular intervals, at least quarterly, and at such regular or specially called meetings as may be designated from time to time. All meetings of the board shall be in conformity with Article 15, Open Meetings Act, NMSA 1978. The chairman of the board or his/her designate and three members thereof shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. [Amended during 2014 codification; Ord. 120 § 4, 1981].

2.15.050 Rules of procedure.

The board shall adopt rules of procedure and shall keep a record of its proceedings in the form of official minutes which shall be brief, but shall include date and place of meeting, attendance, items or topics discussed and specific action recommended to the governing body. Minutes shall be filed with the municipal clerk-administrator, with sufficient copies for distribution to the governing body. [Amended during 2014 codification; Ord. 120 § 5, 1981].

2.15.060 Powers and duties.

The Cimarron community ambulance board shall have power and be required to:

A. Act in an advisory capacity to the governing body of the Village of Cimarron, New Mexico, in all matters pertaining to the operation of ambulance service for the municipality of Cimarron and surrounding area, and assist the Village of Cimarron in procuring, processing and securing grants from the United States Government, the state of New Mexico, and from private sources to benefit and improve ambulance services for the Village and surrounding area.

B. Be in charge of, and have complete management of, the Cimarron community ambulance service, together with all ambulance equipment which is owned by the Village of Cimarron.

C. Promulgate rules and regulations for the operation, management, care and custody of the ambulance service and equipment.

D. Enlist and train necessary personnel as the ambulance service may require in meeting local, state, and federal requirements.

E. The board shall submit proper billing for each user of the ambulance service to the village clerk-administrator of the Village of Cimarron. The village clerk-administrator shall bill and collect for ambulance service in accordance with rates established by the New Mexico State Corporation Commission and shall deposit said funds and/or moneys to the proper Village account for use in the operation and maintenance of the ambulance service.

F. Whenever it is deemed necessary by the board to incur any cost or expense in performing the duties and functions of the board, a detailed estimate thereof shall be submitted to the Village governing body, and no indebtedness of any kind or character shall be made or incurred either by the board or by anyone acting for it unless and until such costs, expenses or expenditures shall have been specifically authorized and approved by the Village governing body in accordance with the laws of the state of New Mexico, prior to the time such obligation or indebtedness is incurred.

G. The board shall submit a monthly report of the operation of the ambulance service to the Village governing body, which shall include, but not be limited to, finances; number, location, and frequency of ambulance runs; training and attendance at training sessions; personnel assisting; condition of equipment and equipment needs. [Amended during 2014 codification; Ord. 120 § 6, 1981].