Chapter 2.30


2.30.010    Created.

2.30.020    Director – Established.

2.30.030    Director – Powers and duties.

2.30.040    Director – Additional authority.

2.30.050    Emergency operation center.

2.30.010 Created.

The purpose of this chapter is to create a civil defense organization for the Village of Cimarron to be prepared for, and to function in the event of, emergencies endangering the lives and property of the people of such Village. The duty of such civil defense organization shall be to plan for protection of the lives and health of the citizens of Cimarron and of property and property rights, both private and public, and all functions necessary and incident thereto. [Ord. 89 § 1, 1970].

2.30.020 Director – Established.

There is hereby established under the executive branch of the government of the Village of Cimarron a department of civil defense, which shall consist of:

A. A director of civil defense who shall be appointed by the mayor of the Village of Cimarron with the concurrence of the village council and subject to approval of the Director of the New Mexico Office of Civil and Defense Mobilization in accordance with Sec. 6, Chapter 190, New Mexico Laws of 1959. [Ord. 89 § 2, 1970].

2.30.030 Director – Powers and duties.

The director of civil defense shall be the executive head of the department of civil defense and shall be responsible for carrying out the civil defense program of the Village of Cimarron. It shall be the duty of the director of civil defense as soon as practicable after his/her appointment to establish an organization to carry out the purpose set forth this chapter and he/she shall have all necessary power and authority to form committees or other bodies and to appoint and designate the chairman or chief officer of such bodies as may be necessary to establish such an organization. He/she shall have such further duty and responsibility to cooperate with all civil defense agencies of other governmental units including the state of New Mexico and the federal government. [Amended during 2014 codification; Ord. 89 § 3, 1970].

2.30.040 Director – Additional authority.

The director of civil defense is further authorized to formulate written plans and gather information and keep written record thereof to govern the functions of the civil defense organization. [Ord. 89 § 4, 1970].

2.30.050 Emergency operation center.

In the event of an enemy-caused emergency or emergency resulting from natural causes, the mayor of the Village of Cimarron shall cause to be activated an emergency operation center complete with the necessary communications capability for the continued performance of local government. This emergency operation center shall operate under the direction of the mayor in carrying out his/her duties as elected chief executive and as specified in his oath of office. The director of civil defense shall act as the chief executive assistant to the mayor in the execution of these duties or as the mayor shall direct. [Amended during 2014 codification; Ord. 89 § 5, 1970].