Chapter 2.35


2.35.010    Officers’ bonds.

2.35.010 Officers’ bonds.

A. The officers mentioned in Chapter 2.10 CVMC shall before entering upon the duties of their respective offices execute bonds to the Village of Cimarron with security to be approved by the trustees, conditioned that they will faithfully perform the duties of their respective offices, surrender and turn over to their successors all moneys, books, papers, property and other things in their custody or control belonging to the Village. The penalties of the bond as required by this section shall be as follows:

1. Village clerk-administrator: sum of $1,000;

2. Village treasurer: sum of $5,000;

3. Village chief of police: sum of $500.00.

B. Said bonds shall be filed with the clerk-administrator of said Village and preserved and kept by him/her in some secure place, subject, however, at all times, to the inspection of the governing body, and that of any tax-payer of the Village, who shall desire to examine the same, and shall be recorded in a book kept for that purpose. [Amended during 2014 codification; Ord. 2 § 3, 1910].