Chapter 3.24


3.24.010    Established—Authority.

3.24.020    Fees—Regular office hours.

3.24.030    Fees—After office hours.

3.24.040    Additional fees—Deposit.

3.24.050    Additional fees—Date payable.

3.24.010 Established—Authority.

From and after the first day of January, 1968, the county clerk will charge and collect fees as provided by NRS 122.060 and 440.680, Section 9(3), as amended, for the issuance of marriage licenses as set out in this chapter. (Ord. 12-5-67A § 1)

3.24.020 Fees—Regular office hours.

Pursuant to HCC 3.24.010, twenty-five dollars will be collected for each license issued during regular office hours, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. Four dollars of that amount will be remitted to the state, three dollars to the county recorder for recording fees, thirteen dollars to be retained by the county clerk as his fee, and five dollars to be remitted to the account for aid to victims of domestic violence in the state general fund. (Ord. 12-5-67A § 1)

3.24.030 Fees—After office hours.

From and after January 1, 1968, the county clerk will charge and collect, over and above the charge and collection of those fees specifically provided in NRS 122.060, as amended in 1967, an additional fee in the sum of nine dollars for all marriage licenses issued after the regular office hours of the county clerk. (Ord. 12-20-67 § 2)

3.24.040 Additional fees—Deposit.

Of the additional fee provided in HCC 3.24.030, the county clerk or deputy county clerk issuing the license shall retain the sum of five dollars as his fee for extra services, and the balance of four dollars will be deposited in the county general fund. (Ord. 12-20-67 § 3)

3.24.050 Additional fees—Date payable.

The portion of the additional fee which is deposited in the county general fund as provided in HCC 3.24.040 will be paid to the county treasurer by the county clerk on or before the fifteenth day of each month for the preceding calendar month and will be placed to the credit of the general fund. (Ord. 12-20-67 § 4)