Chapter 8.38


8.38.010    Authority.

8.38.020    Designation—Conditions.

8.38.030    Approval.

8.38.040    Requirements.

8.38.010 Authority.

This chapter is adopted pursuant to NRS 451.067 which empowers the board of county commissioners to allow one or more natural persons to designate a plot of land owned by them, as a family cemetery to be used for interments without charge. (Ord. 5-19-03)

8.38.020 Designation—Conditions.

A person wishing to designate property owned by them as a family cemetery must first file with the Humboldt County commission the following:

A. A copy of the deed or other legal document showing that the property on which the family cemetery is to be located has a minimum of three hundred twenty adjacent acres;

B. A map showing where on the property the cemetery is to be located;

C. A survey or other legal document showing that the property being designated as the family cemetery is a minimum of one acre, to be recorded at the Humboldt County recorder’s office;

D. Documentation that the Health Division of the Department of Human Resources has been notified of the designation as required by NRS 451.067(2). (Ord. 5-19-03)

8.38.030 Approval.

A. When the information required in HCC 8.38.020 has been submitted, it shall be reviewed for compliance with the requirements by the county administrator. If all the requirements are met, the county administrator may approve the designation.

B. If the designation is denied by the county administrator, the requesting party may appeal the denial to the Humboldt County commission whose decision shall be final. (Ord. 5-19-03)

8.38.040 Requirements.

Nothing in this chapter exempts the parties from any requirements which the State of Nevada may have regarding creation or maintenance of cemeteries. (Ord. 5-19-03)