Chapter 9.16


9.16.010    Laboratory designated.

9.16.020    Testing fee.

9.16.030    Genetic marker testing fund.

9.16.010 Laboratory designated.

Humboldt County board of commissioners designates the Washoe County crime lab as the designated forensic laboratory to conduct or oversee any genetic marker testing ordered pursuant to NRS 176.0913, so long as the Washoe County crime lab meets the requirements of NRS 176.0917. (Ord. 3-22-99 § 1)

9.16.020 Testing fee.

The sixth judicial district court shall impose a two hundred fifty dollar genetic marker testing fee upon each defendant convicted of any crime specified in NRS 176.0913.

A. The imposition of the two hundred fifty dollar genetic marker testing fee must be stated separately in the judgment of the court or on the docket of the court;

B. The fee must be collected from the defendant before or at the same time that any fine imposed by the court is collected from the defendant;

C. The fee must not be deducted from any other fine imposed by the court. (Ord. 3-22-99 § 2)

9.16.030 Genetic marker testing fund.

Humboldt County board of commissioners designates the “genetic marker testing fund” in the Humboldt County treasury.

A. The Humboldt County clerk shall pay to the Humboldt County treasurer all money collected pursuant to HCC 9.16.020 on or before the fifth day of each month.

B. The Humboldt County treasurer shall use the money deposited in the fund to pay the actual amount charged to the county each month for obtaining samples of blood from defendants pursuant to NRS 176.0913.

C. The Humboldt County treasurer shall pay any money remaining in the genetic marker testing fund each month to the designated forensic laboratory pursuant to NRS 176.0915(5), after all payments required by subsection (B) of this section are made. (Ord. 3-22-99 § 3)