Chapter 13.20


13.20.011    Created and reorganized.

13.20.021    Boundaries.

13.20.031    Authority.

13.20.011 Created and reorganized.

The McDermitt sanitary district was created on April 20, 1956, by resolution adopted by the Humboldt County board of commissioners acting as the sanitary board of Humboldt County and confirmed by said board on May 10, 1956, by ordinance; the board of commissioners formally confirmed the name of said district as the McDermitt sewer district by resolution adopted in 1974; the board of commissioners reorganized and expanded the district as the McDermitt general improvement district with sewer and water basic powers by ordinance in 2009. (Ord. 7-20-09 § 2.2; Ord. 10-17-05. Formerly 13.20.010)

13.20.021 Boundaries.

A map of the boundaries of the reorganized and expanded district is attached to the ordinance codified in this chapter; a general description of the boundaries thereof is as follows:

T 47 N

R 38 E


Section 4:

N 1/2




Section 5:

N 1/2 lying east of U.S. Highway 95





North 202.6 feet of NW 1/4 NE 1/4 NW 1/4

T 48 N

R 38 E


Section 32:





Section 33:


(Ord. 7-20-09 § 2.2; Ord. 10-17-05. Formerly 13.20.020)

13.20.031 Authority.

The district is formed for and is granted the basic powers provided in NRS 318.140 (sewer) and 318.44 (water), and all powers incidental thereto including, as provided in, but not limited to, NRS Chapter 318. (Ord. 7-20-09 § 2.2; Ord. 10-17-05. Formerly 13.20.030)