Chapter 16.24


16.24.010    Filing.

16.24.020    Filing procedure.

16.24.030    Review by planning department.

16.24.040    Review by county engineer.

16.24.050    Action by board.

16.24.060    Form—Content.

16.24.070    Certificate to appear on final map.

16.24.010 Filing.

Within one year after the date of approval or conditional approval of the tentative map by the board of county commissioners, the subdivider may cause the subdivision or any part thereof to be accurately surveyed and a final map to be prepared and filed. The final map will conform to the tentative map and any conditions of its approval and will comply with all divisions of this provision, and the provisions of Nevada Revised Statutes. (Ord. 10-16-75 § 1(100.600))

16.24.020 Filing procedure.

A. The final map may be filed when it is completed and all required certificates except the approval certificates of the board of county commissioners, county engineer and director of planning have been signed and acknowledged to where necessary.

B. The subdivider will file with the planning department the original copy of the final map together with the following:

1. Evidence of title acceptable to the county recorder will be secured from a title company indicating that as shown by the public records, the parties whose signatures appear on the map and consent to the recordation of the map are all the parties having a record title interest in the land being subdivided whose signatures are required by Nevada Revised Statutes.

2. Two copies of the protective covenants, if any, that are to be recorded.

3. Improvement plan showing all the improvements required herein and all others proposed to be installed by the subdivider in, on, over or under any roadway, right-of-way, easement or parcel of land dedicated by the map.

4. All notes, sheets and drawings showing converse closure and the computation of all distances, angles and courses shown on the final map to existing and proposed monuments and adjacent subdivisions when required by the county engineer.

5. All fees as hereinafter specified.

6. A statement from the county tax collector showing that there are no liens against the subdivision or any part thereof for unpaid taxes or special assessments collected as taxes except taxes or special assessments not yet payable.

7. A statement from the county auditor controller giving his estimate of the amount of taxes and assessments which are a lien but are not payable.

8. The necessary agreements or contracts, bonds and deposits as hereinafter specified to allow the recordation of the map. (Ord. 10-16-75 § 1(100.600(A)))

16.24.030 Review by planning department.

Upon request of the final map, the director of planning or the chairman of the planning commission will examine the map for conformity and compliance with the approved tentative map and the requirements imposed as a condition to the acceptance of the final map, and shall so certify as to its compliance. The map will then be transmitted to the county engineer together with other materials required by this title to be filed therewith. (Ord. 10-16-75 § 1(100.601(A)))

16.24.040 Review by county engineer.

A. Upon receipt of the final map, the county engineer shall check and determine the correctness of survey data, plans, profiles and specifications of improvements, certificates of dedication, acceptance of dedication and acknowledgments and such other matters as required checking to ensure compliance with the provisions of law and of this title.

B. If the final map is in the correct form prescribed by this title and Nevada Revised Statutes and the matter shown thereon are sufficient, their correctness shall be certified on the map by the county engineer.

C. The county engineer shall thereupon transmit the map together with the other material to the county clerk for presentation to the board. (Ord. 10-16-75 § 1(100.601(B)))

16.24.050 Action by board.

A. Approval.

1. At its next regular or adjourned meeting after the filing of a final map with the county clerk, the board of county commissioners will consider the map to determine if it is in conformity with all the requirements of this title.

2. The board will at that time accept or reject any or all offers of dedication and will as a condition precedent to the acceptance of any roads or easements require that the subdivider agree to improve the roads and easements.

3. Upon approval of the map by the board, the county clerk will present the map duly certified to the county recorder for recordation.

B. Disapproval of Map. If the board of county commissioners determines either that the map is not in conformity with requirements of this title or the approved tentative map or that the proposed improvements do not meet county improvement standards, the board will disapprove the final map specifying its reason or reasons therefor. The county clerk will in writing advise the subdivider of the disapproval and the reason or reasons therefor. The subdivider may file a new final map with the county engineer altered to conform to all the requirements of this title. (Ord. 10-16-75 § 1(100.601(C)))

16.24.060 Form—Content.

The final map will be prepared in accordance with the following requirements:

A. The map will be clearly and legibly drawn in black waterproof India ink upon good tracing cloth or produced by the use of other materials of a permanent nature generally used for such purpose in the engineering profession. But affidavits, certificates and acknowledgments may be legibly stamped or printed on the map with opaque ink.

B. The size of each sheet of the map shall be twenty-four inches by thirty-two inches. A marginal line will be completely around each sheet leaving an entirely blank margin of one inch at the top and bottom and right edges and of two inches at the left edge along the twenty-four-inch dimension.

C. The scale of the map will be large enough to show all details clearly and enough sheets shall be used to accomplish this end.

D. The particular number of the sheet and the total number of sheets comprising the map will be stated on each of the sheets and its relation to each adjoining sheet clearly shown.

E. The map will show all survey and mathematical information and data necessary to locate all monuments and to locate and retrace any and all interior and exterior boundary lines appearing thereon including bearings and distances of straight lines, and radii and arc length for all curves, and such information as may be necessary to determine the location of the centers of curves.

F. Each lot will be numbered and each block may be numbered or lettered.

G. All lots and parcels will have all dimensions, boundaries, and courses clearly shown and defined, including lots and parcels intended for sale, reserved for private purposes or offered for dedication for any purpose.

H. The locations, names, total width and widths on each side of centerline of all streets and alleys and other rights-of-way within the subdivision shall be shown.

I. The location and width of all easements, public and private, to which the lots are subject, shall be shown. The easement will be clearly labeled and identified as to nature and purpose. If easements are already a record, a recorded reference will be given. Easements will be denoted by dotted lines. Distances and bearings on lines of lots which are cut by easements must also be so shown that the map will clearly indicate the actual length of the lot line.

J. Location and width of utilities rights-of-way located upon private property within the subdivision shall be shown.

K. The exterior boundary of the land included within the subdivision will be indicated by graphic border.

L. The map will show the definite location of the subdivision and particularly its relation to surrounding surveys.

M. The title sheet will contain such affidavits, certificates, acknowledgments, endorsements and notary seals as are required by law in this title.

N. The location of any watercourse, channel, stream or creek which functions as a drainage way will be shown on the map. In the event the watercourse, channel, stream or creek is to be relocated, only the new location need be shown on the map. (Ord. 10-16-75 § 1(100.602))

16.24.070 Certificate to appear on final map.

The following certificates and acknowledgments must appear on the title sheet of the final map:

A. A certificate signed and acknowledged by all parties having any record title interest in the consenting to the preparation and recordation of the map;

B. A certificate signed and acknowledged as above offering for dedication for certain specified public uses (subject to such reservations as may be contained in any such offered dedication) those certain parcels of land which the parties desire so to dedicate;

C. A certificate of execution by the county clerk of the board of county commissioners, stating that the board approved the map and accepted or rejected, on behalf of the public, any parcels of land offered for dedication for public uses in conformity with the terms of the offered dedication;

D. A certificate signed and acknowledged by all parties having any record title in the land subdivided evidencing their grant of permanent easements for utility installations and access as designated on the map together with a statement approving such easements signed by each public utility company or agency in whose favor the easements are created or whose utility services are to be required for the platted parcels;

E. A certificate by the engineer or surveyor responsible for the survey and the final map giving the date of the survey and stating that the survey is made by him or under his direction and that the survey is true and complete as shown. The certificate will also state that the monuments are of the character and occupy the positions indicated or that they will be set in such positions and at such time as is agreed upon under the provisions of the Nevada Revised Statutes;

F. A certificate by the health division of the department of human resources showing that the health division approved the final map concerning sewage disposal, water pollution, water quality and subject to review by the State Engineer Water Quality;

G. The map will contain a statement acknowledging that a copy of the review of the State Engineer required by subsection (F) of this section will be furnished to each purchaser of land prior to the time the sale is completed;

H. A certificate by the county engineer stating that he has examined the final map and that the subdivision as shown thereon is substantially the same as appeared on the tentative map and any approved alterations thereof, and that all the provision of state law and local ordinance have been complied with and that he is satisfied that the map is technically correct, and that the monuments as shown are of the character and occupy the position indicated or that the monuments have not been set and that a proper performance bond has been deposited guaranteeing their setting on or before a day certain;

I. A certificate to be signed by the director of planning or the chairman of the planning commission, stating that the map has been examined and is in conformance with the approved tentative map and any approved alterations thereof, changes and requirements imposed by the planning commission and the board of county commissioners. (Amended during codification; Ord. 10-16-75 § 1(100.603))