Chapter 16.28


16.28.010    Authority.

16.28.020    Tentative maps.

16.28.030    Action by commission.

16.28.040    Action by board.

16.28.050    Title of map.

16.28.060    Preparation of map.

16.28.070    Dedications terminated.

16.28.080    Tax bond.

16.28.090    Action on final reversion to acreage map.

16.28.010 Authority.

A final map may be recorded under the provision of NRS 278.490 for the purposes of showing as acreage land previously subdivided into parcels, lots or blocks. (Ord. 10-16-75 § 1(100.700))

16.28.020 Tentative maps.

When making a reversion to acreage map, the applicable requirements of Chapter 16.20 HCC as to filing map form tract number will be complied with unless waived by the director of planning. (Ord. 10-16-75 § 1(100.701))

16.28.030 Action by commission.

The commission will consider the tentative map at a regular or special meeting. In making a recommendation to the board of county commissioners concerning a reversion to acreage map, the commission will determine that the reversion will have no adverse affect on abutting property or the proper development thereof and that there exist nonuse of streets and easements within the area included in the reversion to acreage. (Ord. 10-16-75 § 1(100.701(A)))

16.28.040 Action by board.

A. The board will act upon the commission’s recommendation at a regular or adjourned meeting. If the proposed reversion to acreage map proposes streets to be vacated, the board will give public notice of its intent to consider the tentative map. All streets proposed to be vacated will be posted setting forth the extent of the proposed abandonment and setting the date for public hearing which date will not be less than thirty days and not more than forty days subsequent to the date of posting of the street. In approving or conditionally approving a reversion to acreage map, the board will determine that there exists nonuse of the streets and easements within the area included in the reversion to acreage, and that the reversion will have no adverse effect on abutting property or the proper development thereof.

B. The board will report its action to the subdivider, the planning commission and the director of public works not later than ten days following such action. (Ord. 10-16-75 § 1(100.701(B)))

16.28.050 Title of map.

Upon the title sheet of each map filed for the purpose of reverting subdivided land to acreage, the subtitle will consist of the words, “a reversion to acreage of (insert the legal description of the land being reverted).” (Ord. 10-16-75 § 1(100.702))

16.28.060 Preparation of map.

A certificate by a surveyor or engineer is not required where sufficient recorded data exists from which an accurate map may be compiled, and the source of the data is shown on the map. (Ord. 10-16-75 § 1(100.703))

16.28.070 Dedications terminated.

Any previous offer of dedication not retained on the reversion to acreage map will be terminated upon approval of the final map by the board and the recordation of the final map. (Ord. 10-16-75 § 1(100.704))

16.28.080 Tax bond.

A tax bond will not be required in cases covered by this chapter. (Ord. 10-16-75 § 1(100.705))

16.28.090 Action on final reversion to acreage map.

A. Review by Planning Department.

1. Upon receipt of the final map, the director of planning or the chairman of the planning commission will examine the map for conformity in compliance with the approved tentative map, and the requirements imposed as a condition to the acceptance of the final map and will certify as to its compliance. The map will then be transmitted to the county engineer.

B. Review by County Engineer.

1. Upon receipt of the final map, the county engineer will review each map and assure himself that it complies with the previously recorded property description data, and provisions of law in this title.

2. If the final map is in the correct form prescribed by law in this title and the matters shown thereon are sufficient, their correctness will be certified on the map by the county engineer.

3. The county engineer will thereupon transmit the map to the clerk of the board for a presentation to the board of county commissioners.

C. Action by Board.

1. Approval of Map.

a. At its next regular or adjourned meeting after the filing of a final map with the clerk of the board, the board will consider the map to determine whether it is in conformity with all the requirements of law in this title applicable at the time of approval of the tentative map or any ruling made thereunder.

b. Upon approval of the map by the board, the clerk of the board will record the map with the county recorder.

2. Disapproval of Map.

a. If the board determines that the map is not in conformity either with the requirements of this title or the tentative approval of the reversion to acreage, the board will disapprove the map specifying its reason or reasons therefor, and the clerk of the board shall in writing advise the subdivider of such disapproval and the reason or reasons therefor.

b. After the board has disapproved any map, the subdivider may file a new final map with the director of planning altered to conform to all the requirements imposed upon him by this title. (Ord. 10-16-75 § 1(100.706))