Chapter 17.12


17.12.010    Accessory buildings.

17.12.020    Temporary real estate offices.

17.12.030    Home-based businesses.

17.12.040    Pets and plants.

17.12.010 Accessory buildings.

A. It is unlawful to construct, erect or locate in any residential district, private garages or other buildings without a permissive main building, except that a temporary building may be constructed and occupied, pending the construction of a permitted use, if such temporary building does not exceed fifteen feet in height and is not larger than four hundred square feet in floor area. The temporary building shall be no closer than twenty feet to the foundation of the final permanent structure, and shall meet all other setback requirements of the particular zoning district.

B. A detached accessory building not exceeding fifteen feet in height shall be built not closer than five feet from the rear and side property lines. In no event shall any detached accessory building occupy the front yard of any lot. (Ord. 1-5-87A § 6(A))

17.12.020 Temporary real estate offices.

A temporary real estate office is allowed within a subdivision used for the purpose of selling lots in such subdivision and not for the conduct of a general real estate business. (Ord. 1-5-87A § 6(B))

17.12.030 Home-based businesses.

A home-based business shall be allowed in all residential zones subject to the issuance of a conditional use permit. (Ord. 1-03-12A § 1.1; Ord. 1-5-87A § 6(C))

17.12.040 Pets and plants.

Nothing in this title shall be construed to prevent the keeping of pets or the raising of any fowl, bush, tree, berry or truck crop in any residential district, and the sale of such pets, fowl or crops from the premises, providing that no permanent stores or stands are constructed for the purpose and the operation is not conducted as a regular commercial enterprise; so long as such is not in violation of any other ordinance as may be adopted by the governing body. (Ord. 1-5-87A § 6(D))