Chapter 17.14


17.14.010    Residential uses in commercial districts.

17.14.020    Glare.

17.14.030    Noise.

17.14.040    Smoke.

17.14.050    Odor—Gas.

17.14.060    Open storage—Fire hazards.

17.14.070    Security fencing.

17.14.010 Residential uses in commercial districts.

Residential uses are allowed in all commercial zones subject to a conditional use permit, with the provision that the ground floor of the building be used exclusively for office or commercial purposes. (Ord. 1-5-87A § 7(A))

17.14.020 Glare.

Except in processes of construction, glare from arc welding, acetylene torch cutting or similar activities shall be performed so as not to be seen from any point outside the property on which the work is being performed. (Ord. 1-5-87A § 7(B))

17.14.030 Noise.

Noise shall be so muffled as not to become objectionable due to volume, intermittence, beat, frequency or shrilling. (Ord. 1-5-87A § 7(C))

17.14.040 Smoke.

Smoke shall be controlled so as to provide proper safeguards for the public health, safety or general welfare in whatever manner as is further provided by other ordinances. (Ord. 1-5-87A § 7(D))

17.14.050 Odor—Gas.

A. The emission of obnoxious odors of any kind shall not be permitted.

B. No gas shall be emitted which is harmful to the public health, safety or general welfare. (Ord. 1-5-87A § 7(E))

17.14.060 Open storage—Fire hazards.

A. Lumber, coal or other combustibles shall not be stored less than ten feet away from any interior lot line, and a suitable roadway from the street to the rear of the property shall be provided, maintained and kept open at all times.

B. Storage and handling of flammable liquids, liquefied petroleum and explosives shall comply with all state rules and regulations as well as those of the county.

C. Bulk storage and handling of flammable liquids, gases, liquefied petroleum and explosives, except gasoline and lubricating fuel oil above ground, is unlawful in all districts except by the issuance of a special use permit. (Ord. 1-5-87A § 7(F))

17.14.070 Security fencing.

A. Commercial and industrial districts only shall be allowed a security fence (an eight foot fence with or without barbed wire) constructed by a licensed contractor with a building permit issued. (Ord. 10-01-07C § 1)