Chapter 17.48


17.48.010    Scope—Purpose.

17.48.020    Uses permitted.

17.48.030    Conformance with precise plan.

17.48.040    Subdivisions.

17.48.050    Zoning map designations.

17.48.060    Standards.

17.48.070    Application procedure—Preliminary development plan.

17.48.080    Application procedure—Precise development plan.

17.48.010 Scope—Purpose.

A. The PD (planned development) district may be established in combination with any other land use district and is designed to increase the flexibility of planning, with appropriate safeguards and controls.

B. This district is intended to permit and encourage preplanned development and the use of new concepts of land development by allowing:

1. Rezoning for a specific use or use subject to a time schedule and where a permanent change in zoning would not be appropriate; to avoid excessive areas of undeveloped land in particular zones and to minimize the rezoning of land for speculative purposes;

2. A mixture of compatible uses meeting the principles of the master plan;

3. Variations from the standards specified elsewhere in this title, with the approval of the governing body after a showing at a public hearing for that purpose, that the proposed development will enhance the area in which it is proposed by exceptional design and arrangement of buildings, provision of open space, recreation facilities and landscaping, and the protection of the welfare and privacy of adjoining properties;

4. Condominium developments. (Ord. 1-03-12E § 1.1; Ord. 1-5-87A § 23(A))

17.48.020 Uses permitted.

The PD (planned development) district may be applied to any other land use district. In addition to those uses specified for the district, other uses may be allowed when they are found by the governing body to be in keeping with the principles and goals of the master plan. (Ord. 1-03-12E § 1.1; Ord. 1-5-87A § 23(B)(1))

17.48.030 Conformance with precise plan.

The approval of a PD zone classification will be based upon an approved preliminary plan. A precise plan will be submitted within the time period specified by the governing body in its approval of the preliminary plan. Failure to submit a precise plan within this time period will result in the zoning of the property reverting to its original designation. Failure to begin construction according to the time schedule specified in the approval of the precise development plan and completion thereafter with due diligence will result in the zoning reverting to its original designation. (Ord. 1-5-87A § 23(B)(2))

17.48.040 Subdivisions.

A. When the governing body finds that a proposed subdivision of land meets the intent and purpose of this title and is in conformance with goals and principles of the master plan, approval may be given to process a subdivision pursuant to NRS Chapter 278, recognizing lot sizes, yard grass and other development standards to not comply with the zoning regulations.

B. A planned development which is intended to be subdivided as a condominium or other type of joint ownership development may be approved, provided the condominium complies in all respects with state requirements, and copies of documentation showing that all state requirements have been met. (Ord. 1-03-12E § 1.1; Ord. 1-5-87A § 23(B)(3))

17.48.050 Zoning map designations.

Any area designated as PD district that has received approval for particular uses will have an additional designation which indicates the primary use approved for the property. For example, if land in a PD zone is approved for commercial as the primary use, the designation will be PD (C); if for residential use, PD (R); if for industrial use, PD (M). Any change in primary use will be subject to approval of the governing body. (Ord. 1-5-87A § 23(B)(4))

17.48.060 Standards.

In order that buildings, structures, signs, landscaping and other improvements will be developed in an orderly manner and will be in harmony with other structures and improvements in the area, the following items may be considered in approving plans of proposed improvements in the PD district.

A. The uses proposed;

B. The height, bulk and area of buildings;

C. Building lines and distances between buildings;

D. Architectural features, landscaping and lighting;

E. Signs: location, size and style;

F. Parking: location, access and design. (Ord. 1-5-87A § 23(C))

17.48.070 Application procedure—Preliminary development plan.

A. An application for rezoning the PD (planned development) district, and an application for approval of the preliminary development plan will be submitted to the planning department. The applications will be accompanied by:

1. The filing fees as required for rezoning;

2. A sufficient number of copies of the proposed preliminary plans as required by the director of planning. A reduced tracing transparency eight and one-half by eleven inches in size may be required by the director of planning. The preliminary plan will show the following:

a. A written description of improvements proposed,

b. Location of the site proposed for planned development including adjoining streets in relation to the nearest major streets,

c. A site plan showing location of all structures existing and proposed landscaping, parking and other improvements related to existing and proposed changes in the topography of the site,

d. The location and capacities of various existing utilities in the vicinity of the site and tentative extensions to the site,

e. Sketches showing tentative architectural concepts of the proposed buildings,

f. When more than one use is proposed, the approximate areas proposed for various categories of land use setting out in general terms the uses proposed. For residential uses, there shall be a tabular summary of estimates of population densities,

g. A time schedule for the construction of various phases of the development.

B. The planning director may arrange a study meeting with a subcommittee of the planning commission, to discuss the proposal with the applicant.

C. The completed application will be scheduled for public hearing in accordance with Chapter 17.71 HCC.

D. The application will be amended to include any changes recommended by the director of planning and/or the subcommittee of the planning commission, and accepted by the applicant. (Ord. 1-5-87A § 23(D)(1))

17.48.080 Application procedure—Precise development plan.

A. Within the time limits specified in the approval of the preliminary plan, a precise plan of each phase of development will be submitted to the planning department. Three copies of the plan will be submitted. A reduced tracing or transparency eight and one-half by eleven inches in size may be required by the planning director. The precise plan will show the following:

1. Locations of buildings and structures and uses contained therein; detailed elevations showing the architecture and locations of exits and entrances and construction materials,

2. Existing and proposed contours at two-foot intervals,

3. Surface drainage, sewer and water lines, fire hydrants, and related calculations, street lighting, gas and electrical mains,

4. Vehicular and pedestrian circulation, street construction plans,

5. Details of off-street parking and loading facilities,

6. Details of open spaces, landscaping, fences and walls,

7. Detailed design of freestanding signs, and a general indication of signs on buildings and on-site lighting.

B. The precise development plan will be reviewed by the planning department for conformity with the approved preliminary plan and time schedule. If found to be in compliance, the plan will then be referred to the next regular meeting of the planning commission for approval. No building permit will be issued for any part of the development prior to approval of the precise plan by the planning commission.

C. No substantial change may be made to an approved, precise plan until the revision has been approved by the governing body following the public hearing procedures. (Ord. 1-5-87A § 23(D)(2))